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allow Intent/AIDL control of Android media service ?.

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  • allow Intent/AIDL control of Android media service ?.


    I have a voice control application which plays nicely with the stock Android music players and several third party music players by virtue of their unsecured AIDL interfaces to their media playback services.

    Access to the simple but intimate control offered through these allow the following GOOD THINGS to occur:

    1. When people invoke my app on Android 2.1 and earlier, I can pause any active music play so their voice command is heard (this is done via a broadcast intent... if you simply honor that used by the stock players (HTC and Android, you will instantly have made your product better behaved on 2.1 phones, as the stock Voice Dialers will pause music play)

    2. my app can permit users to play music by voice command (specifying by album, artist, playlist or song title) using YOUR app

    3. my app can resume any music it may have paused when it was invoked after it has run