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  • FLAC support

    There doesn't appear to be FLAC support yet.
    Doesn't read metadata apart from title and doesn't play.

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    As this is still in beta, I am sure that things like FLAC support (biggest reason I used WinAmp on Windows) and Smart Playlists and such will be coming. The main goal of Winamp for Mac Sync Beta is to give Android users a way to sync their phones' music with their Mac computers and to increase Winamp's popularity.

    As an iPhone/Mac user, I still use Winamp Mac Sync Beta, as it a lighter-weight alternative to iTunes.


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      I didn't know yet that there is a Mac version of Winamp and that got me highly excited since it is still my favorite media player on my Windows machine

      I'd just like to add another request for FLAC since I have a lot of files in that format and use Winamp under Windows as the default player for this and all other audio files.

      FLAC support and a view option to switch to something like a mini player like iTunes would be enough to make Winamp my default audio player on my Mac immediately

      Keep the updates coming, I can hardly wait


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        +1 for adding support to flac files on Winamp for Mac