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Track Sorting Issues

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  • orcsab
    I'd like to bump this topic back up on the forum. I am having the same problems. Numerous issues when syncing music. Most notably resulting in partial files on my Android phone. And all track numbers are lost meaning songs are played alphabetically by Winamp on my Android.

    Anyone working on this?

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  • Sole Survivor
    started a topic Track Sorting Issues

    Track Sorting Issues


    First of all thanks for bringing Winamp to mac, we're glad to that now android users have a universal music sync software that they can use with ease. However, there are some issues that I've stumbled upon. I want to report these to help winamp perform better.

    1-) Wireless Sync: whenever I transfer albums, tracks to my android phone, some of those tracks don't show up on the phone, they get lost in the process.

    2-) Track #: Transferred songs are sorted alphabetically, not according to track #.

    3-) Album Sorting: When sorting by albums, it sorts for album name first then track name second, ignoring track number. This messes up albums with more than 1 cd, mix compilations and live recordings..

    Hope this helps guys