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Not discovering ipod (anymore)

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  • Not discovering ipod (anymore)

    Hey Folks,

    On my last sync, winamp cleared my ipod of music and now cannot be discovered in winamp anymore. It doesn't detect automatically, as it used to and clicking on discover doesn't work either.

    I uninstalled the winamp plugins, restarted winamp, no success
    I reset my ipod to factory settings, same story.

    Any ideas?

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    This happens when you plug in your device, Winamp asks you if you want Winamp to handle it, and you say no. These steps should fix it though:

    right click on main window and go to Options > preferences (ctrl + P).

    In the side panel, under Plug-ins > portables, I assume for iPod click on "Nullsoft iPod Plug-in" and click configure plug-in. A window should pop up; if it doesn't go to "Nullsoft USB device plug-in" and click configure plug-in.

    In the drop down menu of of the window select the drive your iPod is mapped to (find out by going to My Computer and seeing the drive letter next to iPod). Finally click un-blacklist drive, go back to media library > portables and click discover.

    EDIT: oh how did I get in the Mac forum? The above steps should still work though