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    Using a Mac as my primary music machine and utterly disgusted with Itunes. Clementine is usable, but decided to try Winamp. Used Winamp back in the days I used Windoze and greatly enjoyed Winamp. Installed fine, imported my Itunes playlist but half my files were missing. Didn't take long to discover the half that were missing were the ones in Ogg vorbis format. I was pretty shocked. I only use MP3 for files I get from other people. Oggs have far better quality. I literally have tens of thousands, about half my very large music library in ogg format. I could take hours to copy them to a Linux box and convert them by command line but I'm not going to suffer the audio degradation imposed by the MP3 form and it's lossy compression, nor take the time. Ogg vorbis is a free format, libs already exist for the Mac. No royalties to mess with, no hassles. Since there is no need to write new code except a few lines to integrate ogg support, no need to provide source. So I'm confused as to why such a popular and easy to use format is not supported. Is there perhaps a plugin to install or something along that order?

    Without ogg support Winamp is essentially useless for me.