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Winamp sync crashes (Macbook) someone help

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  • Winamp sync crashes (Macbook) someone help

    So i tried to re-instal winamp on both my Samsung galaxy 3 and my macbook trying to resolve the issue. it didnt work. basically, the wireless sync begins and works fine up until about 10-13% sometimes even less, it's always random. and then just stops. The program doesn't crash, it just stops the sync.

    Went into Console on my mac and this is the latest winamp report i got. teh time and date are there. The first one appears several times and then the last 2.

    01/05/2013 23:11:41 Winamp[55988] -[WAPlaybackManager removeAllOccurrencesOfTrackFromCurrentPlaylist:]:[track path]: indexSet: <NSIndexSet: 0x11779acc0>(no indexes)

    01/05/2013 23:11:56 Winamp[55988] [DeviceObject resetPersistentStoreForContext:toURL:]:creating new device DB at URL: file://localhost/Users/alexbadoi/Library/Application%20Support/com.nullsoft.Winamp/895BA324-8E74-44F4-AC46-080F47D58464_WIFI.db using UUID: 895BA324-8E74-44F4-AC46-080F47D58464

    01/05/2013 23:11:56 Winamp[55988] [DeviceObject resetPersistentStoreForContext:toURL:]:replacing current device DB at URL: file://localhost/Users/alexbadoi/Library/Application%20Support/com.nullsoft.Winamp/918e610c92c9fca1_WIFI.db using UUID: 895BA324-8E74-44F4-AC46-080F47D58464

    Can someone help please?