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Question about importing from iTunes

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  • Question about importing from iTunes

    I have all my library set up in iTunes (15,000 songs, 50 playlists, 125GB).

    By adding the iTunes library after the installation of Winamp, will Winamp COPY the files to its own directory, making a DUPLICATE of all the songs that I have, or will it just ADD the reference to the songs and keep them in their original place?

    I can't seem to find that information anywhere.


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    As I wrote the thread, I got a response from the development team, that I reproduce below:

    "Hi Fabio,

    Thanks for using Winamp for Mac. Your files will just be linked to Winamp. They will not be copied.

    - Winamp Team"

    Question answered. Thanks guys.


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      iTunes is the only crap I know of that actually copies files you import to another location by default. that infuriates me but at least it can be deactivated. thankfully winamp would never be so ill conceived.
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