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    To the herders of the Llama

    The one application I missed the most moving from Windoze to Mac was Winamp. Now I can whip the Llama's ass in OSX and sync my Android phone...

    Except I can't.

    After the import of music and playlists, Winamp doesn't see my Android phone.

    I'm running OSX 10.7.5, have Android Jelly Bean, and a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I also have AFT (Android File Transfer) installed on my Mac and was wondering if this is going to cause a conflict as this doesn't seem to play well with other sync programs. I uninstalled and still nothing.

    Do I have a lame Llama? :-)

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    I just want to weigh in here that I have the same problem (or, at least, that's PART of my problem...) - I need Winamp for Zombies, Run! because it won't read Google's playlists - but neither my computer nor Winamp acknowledge the existence of my Google Nexus 4 via USB, with the exception of the Android File Transfer. Winamp sees it via WiFi, but trying to transfer 6GB of music via WiFi when Winamp stops transferring every time your phone locks is just... ugh.

    So you're definitely not alone.

    Running Android 4.2.2, Google Nexus 4, and Apple OS 10.8.4.