Running: Google Nexus 4, Android 4.2.2, Apple OS 10.8.4

I'll admit I'm a newb at Winamp. I just moved from an Xperia to a Google Nexus; the Xperia had its own built-in Walkman app, and the Nexus relies on Google's own, which isn't recognised by Zombies, Run!, and I kind of need music when I'm being chased by the undead.

I had managed to get a few files synced via Wi-Fi earlier, but I've got about 6GB of music I wanted transferred, and even doing them one playlist at a time was taking forever, because Winamp kept on disconnecting from my phone whenever the screen locked. Even changing the screen lock to its longest time didn't help, as the transfer rate was JUST THAT SLOW.

Neither my computer nor Winamp for Mac recognise my Nexus. Android File Transfer obviously does, but when it's plugged in, and AFT is open, there's absolutely no sign of it in Winamp; I'm sure the transfers would be a whole lot faster by USB, but unfortunately, I've Googled until I'm blue in the face, and I've tried pretty much all I'm willing to try right now to get the phone to be recognised by Winamp via USB.

After getting the few files synced earlier, Winamp suddenly started watching my entire iTunes library, instead of just watching the files I'd asked it to (which I'd dragged and dropped from iTunes and then created the playlists in Winamp), so I removed all the files from the Winamp library, and since then, I haven't been able to upload/sync/add a single thing to Winamp, no matter which folders I'm watching, unless I physically copy my iTunes folder into the Winamp folder. And I've got about 7000 tracks and a few movies in iTunes; it's about 60GB. And I've only got a 160GB HDD; I can't exactly afford to have 120GB of it taken up by music.

If anyone has any suggestions/comments/etc that would help me out with this, I'd be really grateful.

- Tracy
Winamp for Mac Newb/Windoze Winamp Oldie