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Only syncing first 7 playlists

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  • Only syncing first 7 playlists

    Mac OS X 10.8.5, 2.93ghz Intel Core i7 iMac, iTunes 11.1.1, Winamp Mac Sync 0.8.1

    When I run Winamp, it sees my iTunes content folder automatically and syncs all of my music into the Winamp player... but it only picks up the first 7 of my playlists. It picks up "automatic" or "smart" iTunes play lists (such as a "recently added" list) and lists that I created manually... but only 7 of them.

    I've tried exporting my playlists from iTunes in every format available (Plain Text, Unicode Text, XML, M3U, M3U8) but Winamp will not let me import these files in any way.

    Any help?

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    Nevermind... stopped and restarted Winamp and its picked them all up now. Just seems as though it needed a couple of swings at it... (lots of playlists).


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      Ok... on the downside.... now when I try to send a playlist to my device... Winamp hangs up... gives an "application not responding" error and nothing but a spinning beach ball.

      will let this play out for a few hours and see if its just locking up as its transferring the files... or if it is truly locked up.


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        Now that the playlists are showing up in Winamp... here is the next problem...

        I click on the playlist, select "send to device", Winamp then acts like its froze for may hours, it transfers the files to the device, and the play list shows up in the Winamp app, but only one song is in the playlist on the device. I've tried selecting the playlist, then selecting all of the songs IN the playlist on the Mac, then selecting "transfer to the device"... same result.