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mac winamp beta flac support

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  • mac winamp beta flac support

    hey sorry fellas,
    i actually dont care cause i only have a pc but the beta mac winamp REALLY should have flac support. its (one of) the whole point(s)

    c. V

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    my understanding is that the codec support depends on what the OS is providing which is why it doesn't match with the windows client (as these are two completely different beasts).
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      hmm.. i thought it would be the same like the native flac support in winamp-windows, which is working even if you havent installed the flac codec on your windows system at all..
      also, some macplayas like cog-player provide flac support, so maybe it doesnt depend on the os at all



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        based on what i was told about how the mac client is coded, what i've posted is correct to my knowledge in that it's using what the OS provides instead of doing it like the desktop does i.e. includes the codecs needed so it's not dependent upon anything.

        yes it's possible to support other codecs like you note, but it completely depends on the implementation used and i think the 'quick option' is what was decided on for the winamp mac client implementation.
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          oh and by the way (not that anyone of us seriously thinks about switching to that but), i found this (for the first time) yesterday by chance:
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          = itunesflacsupport


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            i see,.. hope the winamp mac issue is going to be solved at some point. i start needig a better computer, and dally over a mac. guess we all know that problem


            lg christoph


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              my solution to this was to simply re-encode all my FLACs to ALAC m4a which both winamp and istuff natively support. been great for me so far.
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                u should take a look at audirvana plus player..before reencoding