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  • Sync drama

    Hi there!

    I recently came to know that there was a version of Winamp for Mac, and thought that I finally found an alternative to iTunes.
    Then realised that the Mac version specialised in syncing with Android devices, and my happiness doubled, as that was exactly what I needed it for!

    Since then my enthusiasm started fading away, stumbling in a few obstacles here and there... But I never lost faith, and I'm looking forward to an upgraded new version that will work flawlessly.
    Before that, I thought it would be worth presenting my troubles so that developers could be aware of it, or so that someone could give me a heads up in case they are known issues and there are already known solutions!

    First of all, the basic sync functionality for which it seems to be developed doesn't seem to work very well in my case, with all of the following problems:
    - When my Android (KitKat) is plugged into Mac through a cable connection, I can't find a way to have it recognised by Winamp to perform the sync. The Android device is recognised in general, as I can access its storage through the File Transfers app without any problem.
    - Activating the "sync over wi-fi" option on Winamp on the Android, I could finally see the device in the list on Winamp for Mac. The problem is that I have another Mac system (with shared music folder) that no matter what will never see the device. Is the syncing limited to one computer only, and once paired it's impossible to find the device on another system?
    - Syncing through the one Mac that recognised the device was painful. With a few GB of data to transfer, it seemed to get stuck always between 5% and 10%. I finally decided to slowly add the songs in smaller doses through a manual upload rather than a device sync, with the hope that once most of them were on the device the new songs would be able to be synced without too many problems. I was wrong in that, and every time I try to sync Winamp on Mac just hangs there on a infinite loading loop.
    So far my workaround has been to add each new update to my collection manually, by using the "Send to Device" option on the right-click menu. You can imagine how frustrating that could be, though.

    Other features that I would love to see are id3 tag editor and/or smart playlist. Browsing around I got to understand that these are already part of the media library, but is this only for the Windows version or is it going to be implemented on Winamp for Mac, too?

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    Great content men!


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