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    Hello. Since as long as I can remember I had Winamp as my default player on both my PC's. I bought my first in 2000. I love the ease of use of it, and since I bought my first Mac last month (OS X 10.10.1) I'd like to make the transition as seamless as possible. I know it's still in beta, being ver. 0.81, but there are quite a few things I miss from my PC:

    -First of all, I don't want to SYNC to my iTunes. I always kept my Winamp and iTunes players separate and would like to keep it that way. If I wanted to sync with iTunes I would've just kept it.

    -I loved the fact that you could minimize Winamp into the corner and play songs from my mp3 files (not in my iTunes library) at my choosing. The current Mac one is HUGE! And the only minimization is thrown back to the dock with no information about the song.

    -No equalizer? Really? I have many old live bootleg songs that really benefit from the EQ. I also like to tweet my other songs to really bring out the highs and lows on some songs.

    -I miss the customization of the player. The current Mac is just so blah.

    -The downloadable visualizations are a great mood enhance when I have my family and friends over. But there nowhere to be seen on the Mac.

    This isn't a rant post, just some suggestions for the developers to focus on. So for now, I do have choices. My PC is still running and my music is still accessible to Winamp, so for the time being I'll still use that. I'll keep the Mac Winamp but restore iTunes as the default player in anticipation of the day when ver. 1.0 shows up when hopefully some of my favorites show up and the llama is a lot more kick-ass than what he currently is.

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    thank you


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      If the mac version just had skins it would be so much more palatable for me.


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        Why then? it is just radio or mp3 player DD