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Installer audio plays welcome message at full volume!

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  • Installer audio plays welcome message at full volume!

    The audio message accompanying the installer plays at full volume causing great concern for audio equipment.

    I have my system configured to play music through Pure Music on top of iTunes.
    My mac laptop acts as the digital input to a high-end audio system.

    I was listening a moderate volume levels.

    Out of curiousity I thought I would see what WinAmp was up to these days.
    I downloaded the 0.8.1 dmg file and dragged it over to the Apps folder as offered by installer app.

    As the music continued to play at moderate level a man's voice announcing WinAmp at full volume level. This caused me considerable alarm and concern for the well-being of the audio equipment.

    Some feedback on this decidedly unpleasant introduction to WinAmp.

    1. Who said I wanted audio blasting out during install?
    2. Why does your audio ignore the settings I currently have in place?
    Other system sounds like alerts, etc., play through the current audio settings.
    3. It was v-e-r-y loud. The audio system is at risk from that kind of overload.
    There wasn't any damage thankfully, but who knows for others?

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    Please note that while yes the volume blasted only for the install, I did have my system tweaked in an odd way due to the iTunes volume slider interacting with the system volume. This caused me to turn up the physical system with a remote not understanding that I had raised the level as much as I did.

    Still, the existing playback had moderate level.

    Unless there is more to this issue that what I experienced, I would consider this a corner case and not worry about it.


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      Make a sound on the device quieter


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        I also encountered the same problem - during installation beaten so loud sounds that my speakers do not work then (