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This message board messed up my avatar

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  • This message board messed up my avatar

    If you take a look at my avatar, then check out how it is supposed to look...

    You can see the difference. Why is that?
    The avatar section of my control panel tells me that the custom avatar I choose will become either 100x50 or 19.5kb, whichever is smaller. This .gif is 4kb max. The actual size is ~1kb (788 bytes), or 4kb (4096 bytes) if you consider that it has to take up its own cluster on whatever server it is stored. So why does my avatar end up as a 50x50 .gif?

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    The maximum dimensions for a avatar are 100x50, so since yours was 64x64 it was resized to fit.

    Arguing over file size is pointless with regards to that since I could quite easily make a huge png that is less than 19.5KB.

    I've cropped it for you:


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      The edit avatar page in the user control panel is misleading. If someone would remove everything in the parentheses, the limitations might actually make sense.