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    I just wanted to say Hat's Off, Wai, and Bow, and Holler to the Designers, you make my wish come true. There are thousands of us who wanted a more Universally Compatible way to play the Music Streams in all Platforms. Not just Windows. YOU made it happen!

    Right now I am listening to the Music Streams in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS using Google Chrome Browser. I'm not using Winamp because I can't in Linux, but your New Website Design enables users of ALL Platforms to enjoy your Music Streams. By making Winamp a More Web-based application you solved all the problems. And made it universally compatible.
    It's Genius! I tested out the Genre Search features and I was able to find my Favorite Thai Stations in Thailand as well as my favorite Hit Stations here in the US! It works great, and I deeply appreciate all the time and effort you took to make it happen.

    Realizing that a Music Stream originates from a specific URL I came to the Site thinking I was going to figure out some kind of Hack, and input each URL into my Ubuntu Music Players (which CAN play Music Streams but you have to enter in each URL or IP address separately.) When I arrived at the site I saw you had already finished doing what I was thinking about.

    You made my day.

    For those of you having problems with the New Design any bugs are most likely coming from what is on YOUR computer, not what is on the site. Cause it works fine from where I am sitting. Maybe you ought to think about Switching to Ubuntu?

    Thanks again, and I am going to put the word out on the Ubuntu Site that we can now enjoy your Music Streams with your Web Based concept.

    [email protected]