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How to "simply go to" ?

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  • How to "simply go to" ?

    I got email from you with reminder on how to use Winamp Remote. It says "Simply go to". How do I do that if it straight away redirects to does the same - redirects to And I found some other link on your webpage linking to Winamp Remote, but only the download page. So why bother sending me a reminder if your instructions are ... void?

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    to my knowledge, Winamp Remote was sunset around 2 years ago (i removed the sub-forum relating to the product which was pretty much the death of that) so i am really surprised that there would be anything being sent out which is referencing it (i know there's a download link on the site but am uncertain why it's even on the site still).

    when did you receive this email?

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      DrO, I'm rather surprised to hear that the winamp remote software has been "sunseted". I've been happily using it on my pc and cell phone for the past several years. And, yes, as the previous poster alluded to, if you logon to winamp remote, and especially after creating a new logon ID, you do receive an option to have the URL sent to either your PC or mobile device. That URL being "" as he indicated. But, as he also mentioned, it now simply leads to the home page and not to the winamp logon. The logon page I've been using is: ""; it has worked everytime. He should give that link a try, if he's still posting to this forum. Just thought I'd mention that as I was doing a search on winamp remote for Android tablets and stumbled across this posting. Cheers!