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¡¡¡ New forums header !!!

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  • ¡¡¡ New forums header !!!

    Did anyone notice the new site header? I mean this

    Does this mean the forums are getting a redesign today? Or like is it the main Winamp page thats getting a redesign?
    *If you have issues with Winamp, ensure you have the currently latest version Winamp v5.666 build 3516 & its patches that fix several issues
    *To remove the currently dead Winamp online stuff, see here: removing online stuff
    *If you miss the Autotag feature: Gracenote CDDB Autotag alternatives

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    I wouldn't read too much into it. It's just the logo_header.png file that's been updated

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      So is that really the new Winamp icon/logo? Cause I cant really see the "white" around the orange which is what makes the Winamp logo "Winamp logo" and which makes it different from SHOUTcast..

      It looks really great on darker backgrounds , but as you can see it doesn't on bright/white ones.. all I can see is some of the white on the bottom of the icon, but above or on the sides there is nothing. How about at least making that white/grey-white all around it or add back a THIN line around it like the old logo (THINner yes, not as thick as before)?

      Apart from that; this is looking great, looking forward to the new life of Winamp! <3


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        *shrugs* we hear nothing from Kn0tte for over 2.5 years on all of the outstanding issues that i purposefully fixed for Kn0tte's benefit in a number of 5.6x releases and it's instead a comment about an icon.. dunno why i bothered to try to fix those long standing issues now *shrugs*
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          Yeah I know you've fixed quite a few things I have reported in the last few versions, I HAVE seen that yes! I just didn't have time to post back at that time probably and have forgotten to do it since, sorry m8. Like most of the ppl here I DO APPRECIATE your work yes, I wonder what Winamp would have been without Dr.O..


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            (Thread moved)

            And then there is this change... Funnier uh?

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              Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
              (Thread moved)

              And then there is this change... Funnier uh?

              wow ..thats change