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    Is there a reason why I cannot report posts ?
    I tried to report for their advert/spam post, but get told I cannot access that part of the site.

    ....actually why is anyone blocked from reporting a post or user here ?
    I must assume it is standard, unless someone changed my settings.
    That is not something to be withheld or earned
    I moderate several gamer sites, and in comparison this forum is like a Womens Institute cake sale, with the occasional dispute over the best biscuit-base, buttery-biscuit bass... *apologies*.
    Taking away the ability to report is always an option, but at that point you would probably be banning someone that abusive anyway.

    This site is now mostly just the core Winamp fans and visiting spammers.
    Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the defaults and why, for your current users please.
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    Agreed, all the restrictions AOL put on this forum when they owned it should be stripped away.

    I bet some of the people who were made moderators years ago don't even bother visiting anymore.

    You can't even type a web address for something half the time without gettin face****.com type starring out. That's another thing from the AOL age.

    Thought Radionomy buying Winamp/shoutcast was supposed to be a fresh start.....

    But I could be wrong!

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      the 'restrictions' that were put in place had little to do with AOL and were more things put in place to deal with the spammers and abuse of certain features by a number of users over the years.

      the report action should however be working irrespective of the user and will be looked into.

      Dr.Flay: what exactly was the error message that you got ?
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        I agree with the spammer restrictions such as limiting the posting of URLs.
        But it has just occurred to me, considering the user only made 1 post, how did they get 3 working URLs when others are blocked ?
        Is it a URL filter ?

        Hmm, the message was the default "You do not have permission to use this section of the forum", that you get if you try to access your profile before your post count allows it.
        I was presented with that immediately upon submitting the report.
        When trying to reload the report box or re-using the report function, it then skipped straight to the blocked access page.
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