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  • "There's more coming soon"

    That's a pretty long soon, seeing as it's been almost two years. Just admit it, nothing's coming soon.

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    Ok, so maybe we should change it to "There's more coming...eventually"

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      The truth ...

      Soo sad to say but every time I launch the program now it crashes or freeze ... am I missing something? Because it was by light years the best player with amazing visualizations for which there is no comparison. I would gladly pay-up for the winamp platform as a media player as would a ton of other people as it was, by far and away, second to none of our current choices! I hope the force awakens there and you kids get back to getting your baby up again, that is nothing so different than Win Media for the Media player program but was miles ahead on the backside of Player appearance and the Visualizations were a crowning glory to all of us --- with our tons of music we have now ripped to our PC so we can simply find the additional drive (mine is 4tb) and play our collection of music without fiddling with the CD or our precious Vinyl records. What will it take?


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        Yeah, I am wondering ...

        I visit the site every 6 months for what feels like the last 3 years and no change. I probably would have moved on to another player were it not for replay gain and playlists.

        But seriously, is Winamp "dead"? Why don't you come up with a proper monetization model and release a new version? There should be enough users around willing to pay decent money (I suggest a yearly major version "pro" release for 10-15$

        Winamp used to be great in their release policy before it was sold off. I keep thinking it was bought by some competitor to let it die silently until all legacy users are gone?


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          I don't think Winamp is dead, maybe just... less active?


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            Maybe just less active... these are the right words.

            Also I myself am just less active, although as an artist I'm not a blank slate more. The longstanding private stress has come more and more into the forground. Okay, Frank's and my Facebook-Accounts are sleeping and not active, but they are not dead.

            And Winamp still works, also after more than 2 years without update. In "Winamp News" it has been explained again and again, why the development for the next Winamp Version needs longer. I myself can wait...
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              Originally Posted by Canary View Post
              I don't think Winamp is dead, maybe just... less active?
              Winamp is not dead; it just smells funny.

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                WinAmp needs new boots

                It's not that it's dead. Somebody put these tight Python boots on it and they are hard to take off. It may even smell worse after the boots are off. But ... ultimately it's better.


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                  If it still takes that long for finalizing the program, could you please put some gimmicks on the page instead? Like a flash-game or build up a fan-shop so it's not that hard to wait for the next Winamp in the meantime? The main page looks frozen and I hate knowing that there is only the "more coming soon" text everytime even before the site has loaded fully.


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                    Don't know why I keep checking in either. Without CDDB support I've had to resort to a program I hate (itunes). The only thing that keeps me here is DNAS/Shoutcast.

                    FTR I bought 3 pc licenses plus the android app which I rarely use for how badly it performs.


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                      It would be nice if you could wach movies with win amp - why not ha...


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                        I am using it for 10 years now, for my needs it is just ok!