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  • Site certificate error


    I came to check the latest news, and when I saw that there was a new version I could download, I proceeded to do so. However, came up with a certificate issue. It appears your LetsEncrypt cert has expired as of May 15th. I also checked the main site with https and the same issue came up.

    While this isn't alarming to me (I'm a netwokring / systems admin), to an "untrained eye" it may be alarming and cause users to not want to trust the site. Just thought you would like to be aware of this. I would also like to mention that LetsEncrypt can usually be configured to automatically renew themselves for convenience (Due to the short lifespan of the certificates). I would have e-mailed but there was no contact info, so I though this forum would be the easiest way to make your admins aware.

    Thank you for your time,


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    Hello, noob here. I made an account specifically to reply to this thread in hopes that it's addressed.

    I was looking to download Winamp and I came across the same thing OP mentioned.

    And since I don't have the same expertise that OP has, I will say that yes, that certificate error is going to definitely have a negative impact on people trusting your software and website.

    Thanks to OP for posting about this.

    Hope it gets fixed soon.


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        I live in Spain and quite often get the above message when visiting variuos official/ government websites here.
        It's just that they can't be bothered to renew their certificates.
        Doesn't necessarily mean that they can't be trusted.