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No pictures when playing Videos / Internet TV

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  • No pictures when playing Videos / Internet TV

    yet, another problem arises..

    anyway, When I play the Internet Tv, I could hear the sounds perfectly but the Pictures don't show...

    Why is this?

    this is for 2.90 btw

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    System specs?

    Preferences (Ctrl-P) > General Preferences > Video > UNCHeck Allow hardeare video overlay


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      Nice, thanx its fixed


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        We are very interested in your system specifications. It would be extremely helpful if you could follow the following steps and send us a list of these specs:

        1) Start->Run->dxdiag.exe
        2) Write down the DirectX version.
        2) Next, click on Display tab
        3) Send us all of the information listed in the Device, Drivers, and DirectX features pane as well as the DirectX version that you found on the System pane.

        Thanks in Advance,


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          Sure np, these r my specs

          Operating System: Windows ME
          Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1400 MHz
          Memory: 128 MB RAM
          Direct X: DirectX 8.1 (

          Name: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX400
          Manufacture: NVIDIA
          Chip Type: -
          DAC Type: -
          Approx Total Memory: 64 MB
          Current Display Mode: 1024 X 768 (16 bit) (Optimal Refresh Rate)
          Monitor: LCD-15EX

          Main Driver: nvdisp.drv
          Version: (ENGLISH)
          Signed: No
          Mini VDD: nvmini.vxd
          VDD: vdd*

          DirectX Features-
          Direct Draw: Enabled
          Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled
          AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled


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            I had the same problem (no picture, only sound)

            Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Options > Video > UNCHeck allow Overlay

            the process above fixed my problem as well...thanks


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              this bug should be fixed in 2.92. stay tuned....


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                Same problem, 2.91...tried overlay on and off, no go...Internet TV doesn't show the picture...downloaded decoder also.


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                  Same problem....

                  I'm having the same problem. Except when I attempt to play any of the streams all it says is "ICY 200 OK". On 2 of the streams the mini-browser will open but besides that nothing happens... No playback... no nothing... I'm not sure if a port needs to be opened on my router or not. (although I can stream audio just fine) I would appreciate some help if at all possible. Thank You.

                  Sys Specs:
                  P4 2GHZ
                  512 DDR
                  GeForce 4 MX 440 128MB
                  SB Live! OEM

                  WinXP Pro 2600
                  DirectX Version 9.0a 4.09.0000.0901
                  DirectDraw - Enabled
                  Direct3D - Enabled
                  Both DD, and D3D Tests Successful
                  Direct Sound also successful
                  Attached Files


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                    ^^ Did a re-install, everything works fine.


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                      Are you playing these streams form the Internet TV section of the Media Library or by opeing the URL manually?


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                        Well my situation is a little bit different, but basically the same. I was able to view Internet TV with video overlay on for the first month that I had 2.91 and then all of a sudden black screen. I changed the overlay and now it works again, but I don't understand why it would work at first and then not later.

                        PIII 866
                        256 SDR
                        Voodoo5 5500
                        DirectX Version 9.0a

                        Clicking on the stream list in media library.


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                          I'm having the same problem, but I have Winamp 3, and it only happens if I have the default skin on, not the classic one.


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                            I had the same problem. Here's what I did:
                            I un-installed Winamp 3 and installed Winamp 2.92 It worked fine after I did that.

                            I'd suggest you'd either downgrade to a lower release or re-install it.


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                              Upside Down Screen

                              well firstly i had the problem of hearing videos i was playing but not seein it,but sorted that by doin the overlay thing,so fanks for that whoever posted,byt sumtimes,i play a video and the picture is upside down?this isnt on all vids,but sumtimes it a few,n e help?