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CDReader in-plugin wont use CDDB

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  • CDReader in-plugin wont use CDDB

    I have fiddled around with it for a while, and i couldnt get CDDB to work when i use the CDReader in-plugin (click here for more info on the plugin im using). and, on another note, when i try to play a cd with CDReader activated, two entries of each file in the playlist. The second one doesnt really matter to me, its just an inconvenience.

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    First off if you downloaded the CD Reader from you should probably take a trip over to the authors site at: http://www.url****~copah/CDReader.htm and download the version there, it is newer and has a few bugfixes.
    Now for you questions:
    If memory serves me correctly the default value for the CDDB address is not correct, the correct value should be, the change is due to some upgrading over at they moved some severs around so as a result the old address' no longer work.
    As for your second problem, this is most likely due to the fact that you did not disable the default CD plugin, so what is happening is that both plugins are searching for songs and as a result you get two entries per song. To fix this problem all you have to do is go to the plugins folder of Winamp and rename the in_cdda.dll to something like in_cdda.dll.old. Restart Winamp and you should be set.



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      thank you so much. i really appriciate your help. and thanks again.