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  • codec for .pcm files

    I'm trying to play a .pcm file in winamp (it says it's a wav file) but it won't let me play, says I need a codec. Anyone know what codec I need and where to download it? Thanks.


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    Did you download this file from the web?
    If so, any chance of a url?

    What's your Windows OS?
    Windows Media Player version(s) installed?
    Winamp version?

    What's the exact error message?
    Doesn't it give any more precise details?
    Does this file play in WMP?
    Are there any audio codec details c/o WMP -> File -> Properties?
    Is the file extension actually .pcm? Have you tried changing it to .wav?

    Standard PCM Codecs should be installed by default with Windows, unless it's some rarer compressed format . . .
    pcm alone isn't much to go on.
    At a guess, it could be G.711 a-Law/u-Law pcm codec, but I'm honestly not sure without actually seeing the file for myself . . .

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