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2.91 Problem with freezing.

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  • 2.91 Problem with freezing.

    Hello everyone this would be my second time visiting this forum...anyway, when I open up IE, and then Winamp (2.91) or vise versa after 3-15 seconds of both being open my computer will freeze. Winamp will run fine and not freeze with IE closed, and IE will run fine and not freeze when WinAmp is closed. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this? I havn't tried anything yet

    And I did search for a post on this but none found.
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    Any third party plugins installed?

    System specs?

    What filetype are you playing when this happens? Does it happen will all kinds of media?


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      dont need system specs because winamp has always worked, I dont use plugins, mp3's, I havn't tried with anything else.
      I came for the hatred.
      I stayed for the ballbag.


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        Yeah, but we need system specs, otherwise we don't know anything about your computer and we end up having to guess at possible causes/solutions. At least tells us your cpu, ram, soundcard, Windows OS, DirectX and whether you're using WaveOut or DirectSound Output.

        My guess would be spyware / browser hi-jacker.

        Run Hi-jack This and post the generated logfile here.
        Hit "Scan" button, when scan complete it will change to "save log" button.
        Post it here.
        Note: Don't remove anything from the list just yet (unless you know what you're doing) because most of the entries are harmless and required.

        You can also attach a startuplist.
        HiJack This -> Config button -> Misc Tools -> Generate StartupList

        If you haven't done so already, download & install Spybot Search & Destroy.
        Search for & install the detection updates first, then close all browser windows and let Spybot S&D do its thing.

        Other places to check:

        Free online trojan scan

        free online virus scan:
        Detect and fix viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious threats for free.

        Apart from software related issues, freeze-ups could be caused by a number of other things, eg.
        Imminent hardware failure (psu, memory, hard drive, cpu, video, etc)
        Overheating (broken cpu / system fans, or dust, etc)
        Borked drivers (video, sound, mobo chipset, modem, etc)
        Corrupt OS

        Further info/help/tips:
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