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  • Full Screen?

    Can Winamp be run full screen ? I want to do this because I have a small LCD monitor and I can't read a dam thing regular size. I want to run it in my car it'a 4" LCD . HELP!

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    Have you tried running Winamp in double size mode? Use CTRL+D or select it in the Options menu.


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      Yes i've tried that but it is not good enough
      Check out this website it looks like they got it to work some how.


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        Not sure what resolution that LCD display runs at (the site doesn't say), but I'll take a wild guess at 640x480. Winamp is 275 pixels wide, or 550 pixels in double size mode.

        If my guess is correct, then Winamp should very nearly fill the screen when in double size mode. I'm fairly sure that Winamp doesn't have a full-screen mode, so I can only imagine that the photo on that website has been doctored. Maybe I'm just the suspicious type, but the photo is pretty small, with no enlarged version available, and a small photo makes it hard to see if it's been doctored or not.

        Remember, there are lies, damned lies, and marketing....

        Why not ask the manufacturers of the Q-PC if they really managed to get Winamp to fill the screen so neatly, and if so, how did they do it?


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          Well I read on another thread that there is a plugin to run Winamp full screen. It's called Winamp tv you can run it in 640x480 res anyone heard of this plugin?


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            Yeah, I've seen that (get it here: )

            It's a completely different interface to the standard Winamp though, and not everyone will like it. Also note the plugin writer's comments:

            "it provides nearly the entire functionality of Winamp" - note the word 'nearly'


            "Note this is an Alpha version, some of the features dont yet work, and there are still a few issues that need resolving"

            Still, it could be just the thing for Q-PC users.


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              Thanks Mr. Happy, I'll be sure to try this out as soon as I get home.Hope it does the trick!


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                (got an Email back from Q-PC,this is the actual email sent to me. heh so the truth is)

                Are you referring to the image of Winamp on our "Everything Else is Just a Toy" Brochure? If you are referring to that, that is just an enlarged image. However, you can enlarge the Winamp screen by grabbing the corner and dragging it out to the desired size.
                Erwin R. Grigorian
                Director of Corporate Communications

                Q-PC Real Car Computing
                A Quantum Leap Forward!


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                  "you can enlarge the Winamp screen by grabbing the corner and dragging it out to the desired size"

                  Hmmm, someone ought to tell Mr Grigorian that only works on the playlist. What's worse is that their photo only shows the main section of Winamp, plus the Equaliser. If it wasn't bad enough that they use a misleading picture, that statement has only added to the confusion.

                  Good luck with the full-screen plugin, hope it works for you :-)


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                    It also works with the minibrowser.


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                      The picture on the Q-PC web-site has been altered to better display the features we offer. The size of the pictures dictated this because Winamp wasn't very distinguishable when double sized. The intend was not to deceive, only to make Winamp more recognizable. To my knowledge only the play list can be made larger by dragging. I run Winamp double-size on my 6.8" NTSC retractable in-dash monitor. Any NTSC monitors below 6.4 inches are difficult to read. One of our engineers has a 6.8" VGA flush-mount in-dash monitor which makes reading the display nice. For a 4-inch monitor I would recommend using a Zoom software package. This would allow you to enlarge Winamp or any other application. We bundle big shot software with some of our models.
                      Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

                      Jeff Bagwell
                      Q-PC Product Manager
                      [email protected]