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Main Wav Vol being reset to 0 on each new song played

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  • Main Wav Vol being reset to 0 on each new song played

    I am long time Win-Amp user, but at ropes end on this glitch. Running 2.91, which works picture perfect except for one thing. Each file resets my main Wav Volume back to Zero. Easy to fix, just raise Vol back up and it plays perfectly, but each and every song gets tiresome quick. How can I get my soundcard (at moment a Soundblaster16, lol)to remember the Wav Vol? Creative usually plays without any help, as WinMediaPlayer seems to like some and others not, while WinAmp point blank Refuses to play 2 songs in a row without resetting the vol level. I am just wondering if anyone else has ever had this trouble?

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    What file formats are you playing?
    What is your Windows OS?
    Which Output plugin is active (Prefs -> Plugins -> Output)? WaveOut or DirectSound?
    (the hi-lighted output plugin is the active one)

    If WaveOut, try checking/unchecking the following options in WaveOut config:
    Volume Control:
    Enable / Alt setting method / reset to original value on stop.
    One of the combinations will be what you are looking for.

    If you're on Win2k/XP, switch to DirectSound Output instead
    (requires DirectX 8 or higher to work in Win9x/ME, doesn't work in WinNT)

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      Thanx, somehow the Volume Enable option had been turned on. Turning it off put things back to normal. I appreciate the tip.


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        My balance control was out for the same reason... Thanks mon


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          Im freedomanyaq ... my radio == Called... Ä°nvalid Pasword...


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            reset again and again and yet again

            Hi all, i encountered the same problem of the volume being reset everytime i open the programme. but it wasnt reset to zero but to some loud volume instead. i am using vista playing mp3 files.

            i have tried to change my playback preferences but these too are reset everytime i open the programme. this is frustrating!

            will appreciate suggestions to solve this problem.