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Installing WinAmp 5 Final Full

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  • Installing WinAmp 5 Final Full

    When I try to install the program I get this error.

    It says in the main install screen:
    "Installing Sonic RunTime..."

    and Gives me a pop-up with the error:

    "There was a problem installing components. CD Rippint/Burning may not function properly. '-1'..

    I'm not sure what this means. I have downloaded it twice now and both installs are the same.

    I can click OK and it installs the rest of it.
    I get the WinAmp: User information page and I click "Later"
    Then I get another error that says
    At the top: "Winamp 5.0: Winamp.exe - Ordinal Not Found"
    under that it gives me a red X and it said beside it:
    "The ordinal 373 could not be located in the dynamic link library PX.dll."

    I can click ok 4 times and then it takes me to Winamp 5.0..

    Can anyone help me?

    I had WinAmp 2. something installed befor and it was working great
    I also have the newest version of Nero 6 and inCD installed if that matters.
    Also running on Windows XP Pro w/SP1a and all updates


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    If you're sure about the quality of your downloads then I would suspect inCD, packet writing can be troublesome.
    Is it practical to uninstall inCD and then reinstall Winamp.



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      I am having the same error. The only way I could get it to install was to remove the option to rip/burn CD's during installation, which kind of sucks because I really wanted that feature. I tried uninstalling every CD burning/ripping software I had and it still errors out on me. I would really like the pro version, but if I can't use it, what good is it? Help!


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        Read through this thread...
        Error Message: Ordinal 373 not located in PX.dll
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