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video window not resizing when a new video plays?

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  • video window not resizing when a new video plays?

    Hi there, when i have video's playing, the window does not resize automatically to the correct size of the video, e.g. if 1 video is 200x200 and i play that, the window will be 200 x 200, but then as the next video starts playing (say thats 600 x 600) the window will still be 200 x 200.

    the only way i can make it the correct size is if i click the '1x' button, anyone know a fix for this?



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    This is happening with Winamp 5.0 Final, yes
    Not one of the pre-release beta/rc versions?

    Are the relevant settings enabled?

    Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Video
    "Resize video to fit window" is the main relevant setting.

    It would probably be easier for you to list which other options in there are NOT checkmarked (fullscreen settings in middle aren't relevant to the case though), mainly just the top 4 settings, and the bottom 5 ones.

    Apart from that....
    Are you using the modern or classic skin?
    Does it happen in both?
    Or are you using a 3rd-party skin?

    And, if it's the default 'modern' skin
    is the video window attached or detached?

    Now, I vaguely remember someone else was having this problem in one of the earlier rc versions, and the search results for "Resize video to fit window" are pointing to this thread...

    but it's a thread with 609 posts
    so it's gonna take some time to find the relevant posts in there...
    Bear with me...

    ...ok, here they are:
    Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

    Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

    Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible! << YES!

    Problem occurs when "scaling"
    in main (if vid attached) or video (if detached) window
    is set to "locked".

    Checkmark "temporary" instead
    (window -> main menu -> window settings -> scaling)


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      ok instead of typing i did a SS

      edit : i am using a skin called winamp 5, but i dont think that is relevant as even with the default (Modern) skin this happens


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        see my edited post above for the solution


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          "Checkmark "temporary" instead
          (window -> main menu -> window settings -> scaling)"

          hmm i dont see this? where do i go? lol

          and thanks for taking so much time looking for this lol

          edit : ok found it, but both locked and temporary are greyed out, yet locked is ticked.


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            I am having the same problem as Mike101. The solution that DJ Egg posted doesn't work for either of us. We are both seeing the "locked" and "temporary" settings, but they are greyed out, and unable to be clicked.

            I'm using Winamp 5.01, with the same Video settings as Mike101. This behavior happens with both Modern and Classic skins, except that there is no "Window Settings" at all in the Classic skin.


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              Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Modern Skins -> General tab

              On Window Close/Reopen

              Checkmark: Reset window scale to global doublesize setting except if it is locked

              Locked & Temporary will no longer be greyed out

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                Okay, now "Locked" and "Temporary" are no longer grayed out, and I can click "Temporary"

                However, it still won't resize the video window automatically. I have to click "1x" every time.

                Let me give you the relevant settings I'm using:

                Under "Video Playback," the first 5 are checked, and the last one is not.

                I have tried it with "Lock video aspect ratio" both ways

                "Allow hardware video overlay" and "Allow YV12 overlay mode" are both checked.

                "Synchronize video..." is unchecked

                The video window is detached


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                  I'm having the same issues that these guys have mentioned. I've tried various combinations of fixes (changing video window scaling from locked to temporary, setting "resize video window to fit video" on, turning "lock video ratio" on or off) but every time a new video plays it uses the size of the last video and I have to press the 1x button to resize it to the size of the video playing.

                  I am running Windows 2000 - a fresh install I did this morning, Winamp 5.03a was the fourth thing I installed after Service Pack 4, Mozilla and my sound card drivers. I'm not using any plugins or third party addons/skins - just the standard.

                  The same problem happens whether I'm in classic or modern mode, and whether I have the video window attached or detached.

                  Please help me!


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                    Tried to delete this, but it wouldn't let me

                    Anyway, the above worked for me, so thanks.