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winamp freezes randomly

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  • winamp freezes randomly

    this happens on winamp 2.91 and i figured if i got winamp 5 it would stop, but it does it on 5 too. i start a song and randomly it will freeze. the music keeps playing but i can't access winamp. after a while it unfreezes. sometimes it will still be frozen after the end of a song and i have either use task manager to close it and reopen it, or just wait until it unfreezes and it will go to the next song. it doesn't always freeze during every song but sometimes it freezes more than once during the same song. it always freezes if i skip to certain parts of a song, at least if a lot of time is between the part i skipped to and the original part.

    what's really weird about this is when it's frozen i can't open any new internet explorer windows. if i do they freeze in the same way. the homepage opens but i can't access the program. when winamp unfreezes, so does ie. i either have to wait for winamp to unfreeze or close it with task manager. internet explorer never freezes normally.

    i tried defragging and that did not work. i can't think of any other solutions. anyone have an idea? thanks.

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    For the record I'm getting the same problem. What sound card are you using? I'm on an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro if that helps any, and I'm using XP. If anyone can help that would be great.


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      1) Uninstall -> Reinstall

      Read full thread (eg. remove/disable potentially incompatible 3d-party plugins, etc)
      Also, if installing Sonic Burning & Ripping Engine, be sure to reboot first.

      2) Make sure DirectSound Output is selected & configured correctly

      3) Run a free: virus scan | trojan scan | spyware scan (Spybot S&D - free software) | free online spyware scan | Adware scan (Adaware6 - free software)

      4) Update: motherboard/chipset drivers | Sound card drivers (re: Audigy) | DirectX

      5) Run memtest to determine whether one of your RAM modules is faulty.

      6) Run Scandisk (Win9x/ME), or Checkdisk (Win2k/XP): Start > Run > chkdsk /r

      Defrag your hard drive/s
      (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter)

      7) Test your media in other players to determine whether the same problems occur. It's possible that one or more of the files you are trying to play are corrupt.

      8) Shut down the pc, open the case, and clean out any dust. Turn the comp back on and check that all your fans are spinning.

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        This may also be useful to you:

        Do you have the MiniBrowser in WinAmp open by any chance? WinAmp seems to use IE for its MiniBrowser.


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          thanks, i think it was because the direct sound was configured incorrectly. hopefully this permanently fixes it because after i defragged it worked for a while and after i updated sound drivers it worked for a while, but both times it went back to not working.


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            nevermind, that didn't work. it's freezing like normal again.


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              I'm having the EXACT same problem. Anyone have any idea how to correct this?


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                also, i have sound max integrated audio. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling before but that didn't fix it. i also scanned for viruses and had none and removed spyware with ad-aware and it still is not fixed. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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                  I've also had the same problem and tried many diffrent soud cards and it still does this freeze thing.... but i'm starting to wonder if it dont have something to do with the type of hd or on how much is on the drive...I've got over 90gigs of songs on a western digital 120. But later thoughts have taken me to think.. most of my songs are out of my collection but all the ones that friends have brought over allready encoded are the ones that seem to make winamp freeze... i'm starting to wonder if this problem is more caused by improper encoding or modified files by whatever means.. on all the computers i've seen and repaired many of these people download files and i've seen the way some songs are modified to also make the computer connect to porn sites... all it is to say is watch what download goto a pay site it's not that cheep. But if more people use this type of downloading prices might drop at your local record store and internet sites. all the changes can lead to something good dont get me wrong file sharing is your own personal pref it's just like when i was younger friends shared audio cassetts.. ya can't stop friends from sharing what they allready own..


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                    updated direct x and that didn't fix it either.

                    edit: and i never use minibrowser.


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                      still need help please.


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                        I had this problem in Winamp 2.91 aswell, and sometimes get it in Winamp5(but VERY rarly). Mostly only happens when I'm playing a video, or trying to do something to winamp while it's playing a song. There isn't much you can do.

                        As for the IE freezing, I never had this problem... but I don't use IE, for reasons like that. :-/
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                          so there's nothing i can do to fix it?


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                            Not unless you provide:

                            1) all relevant system specs:

                            pc or motherboard make/model
                            cpu & ram
                            video and sound cards/chips
                            Windows OS (plus sp)
                            DirectX version
                            IE version

                            all in one post together (yes, we already know your sound chip and DirectX),

                            2) a startuplist (attach result log to a new post c/o "Post a Reply" button),


                            3) you confirm that you have:
                            done EVERYTHING as recommended in my first post

                            ie. properly uninstalled & reinstalled (see link, read it all),
                            run the virus/trojan/spyware scans (spybot s+d, not adaware),
                            updated motherboard/chipset/sound drivers,
                            configured Winamp / DirectSound Output properly

                            Also bear in mind that the problem could simply be caused by bad quality / corrupt mp3's.
                            Did you rip these MP3's yourself, or did you download them from some dodgy p2p service like Kazaa?
                            What kind of quality are these MP3's?
                            Do they cause similar problems in other players?

                            This is assuming you are playing MP3's. . .
                            ie. does the problem occur with other/all filetypes/formats?
                            (wav, midi, mod, ogg, audio cd, video, etc)

                            The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to provide a solution.
                            The less information you supply, the more likely it is for you to be ignored.

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                              my winamp is still not fixed so here is all the info you asked for.

                              1)model:dell 8250
                              motherboard: planar motherboard (that's all it says on dell specs site for my pc).
                              processor: 2.4ghz b pentium 4
                              ram: 512mb rambus
                              video card: radeon 9700 pro 128mb
                              sound: Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device, SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
                              os: windows xp home sp1 (build 2600)
                              direct x 9.0
                              ie 6.0
                              winamp 5


                              3)i tried everything you said except for update the motherboard/chipset drivers because the only info i can find about my motherboard is that it is planar. i also couldn't get spybot to successfully run. it always freezes at "running bot-check (2957/5835: C2.lop)"

                              also, winamp still freezes even if ie is closed.

                              i tried playing both mp3s that i downloaded and mp3s that i ripped myself and cds, midis, and wavs, but none of them prevented the freezing.

                              on the direct sound configuration post it says "Checkmark 'enable hardware acceleration'" but mine has that box greyed out when i either select sound max or primary driver.

                              i didn't have any viruses and on firewall scan it said this: "You have blocked all of our probes! We still recommend running this test both with
                              and without Sygate Personal Firewall enabled... so turn it off and try the test again." and no possible trojans were listed.

                              i would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.