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    Ah, that was my mistake. Thanks!


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      ok i have deleted the studio.xnf but whenever the video is attached to the player my library goes away. help!


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        Did you read the 'prevention/workarounds' section in the first post of this thread? That's about all we can suggest on this matter...

        And again:
        Originally posted by DJ Egg
        Please do NOT crosspost (ie. posting the same question/thing in more than one thread).
        If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.


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          - Switch to a higher screen resolution in Display Control Panel, and then there's a chance that the ml will be visible again. If so, grab & drag it into the middle of the screen, switch resolutions back, and voila!

          WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!
          Thank you


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            hey media library for showing lyrics is cut in half...i strech it but keep some grey parts down and no bar to scroll down? can anyone help me?


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              Having the same problem, and there is even a bigger issue.

              THERE IS NO STUDIO.XNF FILE THAT I CAN FIND!! And my playlist is still hidden off the screen somewhere, and I'm on the highest resolution that my video card will let me. I'm on Vista, as well, if that is any difference.


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                Winamp installs with 'separate settings per user' by default under Vista,
                and therefore the settings files will be in the %AppData%\Winamp folder
                which under Vista resolves to:

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                  You're going to really be weirded out by me saying this (I am already), but that folder isn't in there. I don't know why nothing was made, or where my Winamp is putting this (or how to check where it's info is going to, but for some reason, it isn't there and I don't know why. I'm afraid to do a complete uninstall and reinstall to get it back because I remember being the one that couldn't get Winamp to function for more that a minute without it crashing because of malicious content on my old comp. I got it to work now and I want it to stay that way, although the appdata folder isn't there (unless it's a hidden folder).


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                    Yes, it's a hidden folder.

                    Sorry, I don't know if it's the same in Vista, but under Win2k/XP it's:

                    Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab
                    View hidden files & folders

                    That's usually the very first setting that I change on a clean Windows installation
                    (as well as 'hide extensions for known filetypes' and 'hide protected system files')

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                      No Studio.xnf

                      I lost my PL Editor too and I don't have a studio.xnf file anywhere. Been using Winamp since 1998(?), so I'm pretty familiar with it. I am running Vista also (hate it ), and the "Show Hidden Files" is in the same place as in XP. I also always change the "Show" options, going way back to 10 yrs ago when I was a 2nd level tech.

                      Anyway, I uninstalled and reinstalled and I got my PL Editor back, but still no studio.xnf.

                      Thanks and Cheers,



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                        Hi. I have a problem
                        When I press "shift and enter" i ML nothing happens.
                        How change this?

                        I want to enqueue internet radio station to playlist.

                        Thx to answers.


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                          I assume you're referring to: Media Library > Online Services -> Shoutcast Radio

                          It would seem that Shift+Enter is broken in 5.5/5.51

                          For now, you will need to use right-click -> Enqueue

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                            Media Library Window is no flully visible

                            Because of having this problem mysef i have to fond a totaly new way of resolving this problem (i.e. hiden Media Library Window., before i fond this forum. I connect a second monitor to my computer and set the video settings to place the second monitor on the top of the one i was using and aply settings. Now if i open Winamp and the Media Libray i could finaly have access to the top of the Media Library Windows, on the second monitor, and drag it back where it shoul always have been.

                            Also the solution of the studio.xnf also works if you are able to find it and do it the correct way. This way you didn't need a second monitor. It's worked for me too.

                            A supplementary and important info is how this behavior occurs (DO NOT do it unless your are sure you can repair it):
                            1. You open a Playlist and add songs in them.
                            2. You want to burn them. So you open The Media Libray and the window is at is normal place but the Playlist hide it and...
                            3. You reduce to docksize the Playlist and VoilÃ_ the Media Library get off screen. You're stuck! Unless...
                            Hope i helped some people!


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                              Thanks, DJ Egg

                              DJ Egg, I signed up just to tell you thanks for being so knowledgeable. I learned so much about this application in less than 3 minutes because of you, cheers. I wish I could buy you a beer.



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                                I also have a dual monitor setup with the second desktop running 'extended' on my component video output on my HDTV.

                                However my Winamp classic skin 5.551 Media Library still goes off screen eventhough I always keep it on my 'primary monitor'. Not only does it go off screen, the media library window also expands itself to some huge size.

                                Only way I notice it doesn't do that is, if I keep the window size slightly smaller and not expand it edge to edge on my primary monitor. Earlier it would move off screen when I swicthed off my extended desktop if it was expanded it edge to edge on my primary monitor.


                                Intel Core 2 Duo
                                ATi HD 4650 1 GB
                                2GB SDRAM
                                Primary monitor resolution: 1280 by 960
                                Second monitor (Philips CRT HDTV) resolution: 720 by 480 (480p)


                                Will this be addressed in future releases?