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2.71 and Win 2K

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  • 2.71 and Win 2K

    Running an AMD 900/ with 256MB/ 60GB/ Win2K/ DX8.

    After installing winamp 2.71, the system will shut down after 30 to 40 seconds of play. I was using 2.66 previously and never received any problems (except a minor skipping problem). I able to use other MP3 players fine.

    I tried installing Winamp 2.71 on my laptop (IBM T20 PIII 750/ 128MB / Win2K / and have not intalled the new Direct X and am having problems just runnning the program. I think its a conflict with one of the Application Development programs I have. (Visual InterDev, Oracle J Developer, Visual Cafe, Borland C++).

    Anyone know of either issue?

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    Is your computer overclocked?

    Try to uninstall (and remove the remains) and then make a new install.
    If the same problem appers you should go back to a previous version.

    /Artoo Detoo,


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      Winamp and Win2k

      Good luck guys.
      I've been running a Shoutcast server for around 18 months, using Winamp as the automation tool and Win2k as the OS. Never had any trouble, then one day the stream started crapping out. From that point forward, I was never able to get more than 90min of play without the machine locking HARD, serving or not. I uninstalled/reinstalled, ran naked, etc. with no success. Set up a completely new PC and STILL had the same problems. I ended up re-ripping all of my content and starting over with a 3rd PC. Worked just fine after that, BUT would also play the original playlist mp3's without locking up. I won't even hazard a guess as to what causes this, just venting &^)


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        same problem

        ive been having the same problem:
        Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

        i downgraded to 2.666

        good luck


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          Where can you download the earlier version? Im having a lot of problems with 2.71 on my new computer. Im not sure what version is on my other comp, but it is older and a lot better. Anyways any help in telling me where to find it is appreciated thanks!


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            my email is in the is thread:
            i'll email it to you if you want (488k)
            good luck,


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              All versions of Winamp available @

              However, IMHO, v2.71 is the best version yet . . . no problems whatsoever.
              It could be something to do with bugs in Win2k drivers or DX8, or maybe your system config?
              Reinstall the latest drivers for your soundcard.
              Also, goto System Control Panel -> Device Manager.
              Hi-lite each (relevant) entry in turn, click Properties and see if:
              1) General tab says "This device is working properly"
              2) there's any IRQ conflicts listed in the Resources tab

              Also, try DirectX Diagnostic Tool (C:\Windows\System\DXDIAG.EXE)

              Does the problem still occur regardless of whether you select WaveOut or DirectSound output?
              (Winamp Prefs -> Output)
              In the config for these output plugins, have you tried changing the Output Device from the default to one that best describes your soundcard?

              Have you installed Win2k SP1, or gone to and checked to see if there's any relevant troubleshooting guides?
              Maybe even try Windows Help -> Troubleshooters tool?

              Maybe check out this thread for similar issues:
              Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

              Good luck!

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                Sorry guys, I dont believe this is a sound card issue. The server I had these probs from had NO sound card at all. Tried an out of the box install of W2k, as well as a completely updated version and everything in between. Issues seemed to arise when i broke the 56x22050 barrier and not before. What kinda software are you guys using to rip with? I suspect something in the MP3's themselves but have had inconsistent results.


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                  well, i don't think it's a sound card problem as well, since 2.666 is working juuuust fine.
                  i'm using audio catalyst to rip 'em at 160k. i wasn't even broadcasting at the time - simply (trying) to play mp3s....
                  but... i don't think i'm going to reinstall 2.71 and try all those things - it crahses my system (completely i might add). it's te ONLY software that would this on win2k. so i'll just wait for the next version of winamp and give it a try....
                  thanks anyway guys.


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                    I used Audio Catalyst as well....Perhaps there's something to that. I've noticed the tendency of Winamp to flake out when an MP3 is screwed up in any way other than truncation. Forzample.....Set a playlist where the bitrate changes from song to song at least twice in a row. When handing off to a secondary "codec" (like sampling into Windows Media Encoder) or shooting it into a shoutcast plug-in, playback speeds tend to be corrupted and you end up with either the Chipmunks or Lurch performing your favorite tunes.