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After upgrade to 5.02, media library = slow [FIXED]

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    Re: fixed

    Originally posted by mbchills
    fixed it

    preferences - media library - library options, uncheck both Play all ... options at the top

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      So, yeah...if you read earlier in this thread (my first post == the second post on this thread), I had already tried and noted this option. However, I explained in this post, and more thoroughly in later posts, why I didn't consider this a solution to the problem. And it is a problem, as many of us have pointed out, because these options did not have to be unchecked in 5.01 in order for the delay to disappear.

      There's probably some reason this wouldn't work, but it seems like there's a pretty easy solution to this: go back to the code from 5.01 for enqueing the songs from the media library -> playlist, see what the differences are, and figure out where the inefficiency is. If you designed it in C++/perl, I could probably even do that (of course, it would take me longer, since I don't work @ Nullsoft for a living).


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        As someone mentioned, this problem persists in 5.03, was not in 5.01 and can be "fixed" by unchecking play all.
        That´s not a solution, it means that the "play all" feature is BROKEN.

        This may seem like a small problem, but it seriously affects usability of the program, making ML in effect, a list of songs instead of a usable MediaLibrary, I could just as well use windows explorer to open single songs.
        I only have around 4500 songs, a 2000mhz processor and more RAM than you can shake a stick at, but the delay is over 3 seconds (by which time you have re-clikcked a song in frustration, causing another delay)

        To cut it short, I will stay with 5.01, not letting it out on the internet (due to security vuln.) and not even consider winamp pro until this issue is resolved.

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          am i the only one who can't replicate this?

          i have a quite fast computer (A64 3200+), but judging by the specs of arikol's machine, i should at least notice some pause...

          also, a pause may not be enough to justify moving back to an insecure version.


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            The delay is only apparent for very long playlists. My computer is pretty slow (P3 850), so a 900 song playlist is sufficient to create a 5 sec. delay on my comp. The longer the playlist, the longer the delay (I messed around w/ different sized playlists).

            Maybe the delay is there, but you just don't realize that it's a delay. If you uninstall 5.03, install 5.01, open up a 4,000 song or so playlist, and double click one of the songs, you'll notice that it plays instantaneously. Then uninstall 5.01 and go back to 5.03 with the same playlist, and you'll notice the delay.

            Another thing I noticed: if you're playing one song already, then double click another song from the media library, the display (e.g. spectrum analyzer, song time, scrolling song name, etc.) all freeze during the delay until the next song starts. This is with the default winamp skin.


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              I concur

              zootm: if
              "Play All Query results (starting on selected) on
              doubleclick in media views"
              is selected, then you should notice a pause when you doubleclick on a song in medialibrary, on your machine it would probably only be around a second, even less, with around 5000 songs in the ML
              You should notice the pause anyhow, especially if you´re playing a song, then doubleclick another.
              With the security issue, I agree, but I run a personal firewall and dont let winamp access the internet at all, think it should be safe, if you (or anyone else) knows better, please inform me...... don´t like security holes..

              Deathwing: spot on, exactly the behaviour I get. I uninstalled 5.03 and re-installed 5.01, everything snappy and nice again, ML response is instantaneous.


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                Try it with 20,000+ items.
                30 to 60 second delay on a dual xeon 2ghz machine. Processors peg out, program freezes.

                It's looping thru the ml to load the playlist window. looping thru an array would be faster. (based on my experience with developing windows apps).


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                  Try this:

                  With 5.03, rename gen_hotkeys.dll in the plugins folder to gen_hotkeys.dll.old and launch Winamp again and see if it takes an abnormal delay anymore.

                  And report back.

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                    Cristophe, you da MAN!
                    Renamed gen_hotkeys.dll (on WA 5.03) like you said, worked like a charm.

                    Any explanation as to why/how that works? (and thereby, what the problem is)

                    What does gen_hotkeys.dll do, my keyboard shortcuts seem to work anyway.

                    So, using winamp 5.03 now! thanks for the help


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                      Oh, yeah btw, I also tried copying gen_hotkeys.dll from my 5.01 installation to my 5.03 install, seems to work fine (at least it doesn´t break anything badly) and there´s no delay.
                      Hope that helps


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                        Right on, I'm gonna check to see what broke in gen_hotkeys to slow down the ML like this.

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                          Awesome! Thanks Christophe, Winamp just became a whole lot more convenient to use...

                          What exactly is gen_hotkeys.dll for?


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                            It is the global hotkeys plug-in. (Control Winamp when it is not in focus). It is the Preferences > General Preferences > Global Hotkeys option screen.
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                              Ok, I found the bug in gen_hotkeys, here's the fixed version:


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                                Praises be!

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