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After upgrade to 5.02, media library = slow [FIXED]

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  • After upgrade to 5.02, media library = slow [FIXED]

    I don't know why, but ever since I upgraded to 5.02 from 5.01 circa 15 minutes ago, when I double click on a song in a media library playlist, it takes forever to start playing. At first I shrugged it off and blamed it on me running too many programs, but after a reboot it is doing the same thing. Playing a song from the media library in 5.01 was almost instantaneous, now it takes about 5 seconds. -_-

    Any ideas as to what may have caused this?

    EDIT: Adding more to this - when just playing a song, Winamp takes up about 5% CPU. When I double click a song in the media library, it skyrockets to about 97%. It's un-fucking-real.

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    I'm having this problem too, and it wasn't happening with Winamp 5.01, but it started with Winamp 5.02.

    With short playlists, this problem isn't noticeable. However, the longer the playlist gets, the longer the delay is before the song starts playing. With my longest (830 song) playlist, the delay is a good 2-3 sec. long (while with a 10-song playlist it starts playing instantly).

    In the Media Library Prefs, in the 'Library Options' tab, in the top box if you uncheck "Play all playlist items..." then the problem stops, but then the entire playlist isn't added to the Playlist Editor. So apparently the problem has something to do with the entire playlist being added from the media library to the playlist editor.

    The strange part is, even if you double click another song in the same playlist in the media library, it still does the delay, meaning that it re-adds the playlist every time.

    Since this problem wasn't happening w/ Winamp 5.01 (the entire playlist would get added without any noticeable delay, or at least it wouldn't happen if you were staying within the same playlist), I'm assuming that it isn't due to problems specific to my computer.


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      Hmmm.. I don't notice anything here. With a 1,515 list in Media Library, I can double-click a song and it loads the whole playlist into the Playlist Editor and starts playing with hardly any delay.. same as 5.01.

      One thing I did have to do was Re-enable Hardware Acceleration in the Direct Sound Output plugin.
      Mark H.
      System Information | Old Winamp Info | WACUP Info
      Older MIDI input plugin that supports auto loading SoundFonts


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        Well, opened mouth too soon.. upon further examination.. I am in fact exhibiting this change in behavior. I changed back to 5.01, and what delay I was having went away. I also noticed a CPU spike of only 33% or so when playing a song. With 5.02, it would jump up to 90% momentarily.

        Alot of changes were made to the Media Library and Playlist.. probably more going on behind the scenes than there used to be. Well, back to 5.02 to see if any tweaks can reduce the delay maybe.
        Mark H.
        System Information | Old Winamp Info | WACUP Info
        Older MIDI input plugin that supports auto loading SoundFonts


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          Yeah, Enabling/Disabling hardware acceleration in the DirectSound Output plugin didn't change anything for me.

          And I also found that, after uninstalling 5.02 & installing 5.01, the problem went away.


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            My 1,034 song ML playlist has a 5 second delay when play a song from it - there was no delay in 5.01. This is a sersiously annoying problem.


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              yeah,i'm having the exact same prob... i'm going back to 5.01 till they fix it, and your right, it has something to do with the size of the playlist.... 500 songs .. slight delay... 8,000 songs about 5-7 seconds

              but when i re-installed 5.01 there was no delay at all for the 8,000 song playlist

              XP 1700+
              1 GB ram
              Windows XP sp1


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                i can replicate this, yes. i don't really use playlists in the media library, so i can't say i noticed it before...


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                  i was just about to report this.


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                    I don't recall any differences between 5.01 and 5.02, but it seems to me that the answer to your concerns is pretty straightforward. When the ML option is set to "play all playlist items on a double click", Then that's what it will do - every time you double click another ML track the entire playlist loads.

                    So, depending on the length of the playlist and the speed of your PC, the amount of time to perform this process will vary. No mystery there!

                    If all you want to do is just play the double clicked track, then simply unclick the "play all playlist items on a double click" - as Deathwing suggested earlier.

                    Under the ML option you might also want to decide whether or not you want the track enqueued.


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                      The problem is, even with this option on in 5.01, there is no delay - it starts playing right when you double click it, and the entire playlist is replaced with the ML playlist - no delays at all. Only after upgrading to 5.02 is there any sort of delay, and after a downgrade back to 5.01, the delay disappears. And yet I haven't changed any options from 5.01 to 5.02. If 5.01 is instant, and 5.02 takes 5 seconds and sends the CPU usage to almost 100%, something is wrong somewhere.


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                        Wish I could be of more help, but I don't have any ideas. In my system, I get no delay, even when I have the "play all playlist items on a double click" selected.
                        BTW, my specs:
                        Dell Pentuim 4, 2.4 GHz
                        I'm using the Modern skin.


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                          Yeah I get this too.

                          I have about 9000 songs listed, with a fast setup, Dual Raptors in Raid 0 and Athlon XP 2.75ghz so its not my PC.

                          Is there a way to stop the playlist adding thousands of files to the playlist when I select one song from my media library, and only add files I want to add myself manually. This might help with the speed problem I feel.

                          The slowness isn't as bad when I narrow the songs listed in my media library by typing in an artist for example. Then the song loads instantly when I double click. This is why I think its something to do with the playlist, not as many songs to add to it.



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                            I realize that you can unselect the "play all..." option so it only adds the one song to the playlist editor. But, as it is a playlist, I would like to be able to play a certain number of songs in a row without needing to double click each one. By the same token, I want to be able to skip part of the playlist and play a different song when I feel like it, without having to wait 3 sec. for it to play and bogging down my computer. This was all possible with 5.01, but not with 5.02.

                            I'm sure it's just a minor bug, since 5.01 was working fine...

                            As for King's question: well, you can make another playlist with only the songs you want to play. Or you can select the option in the media library prefs, library options tab, "enque the selected item(s)" instead of "play the selected item(s)" (someone correct me if I'm wrong).


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                              You can select any number of multiple tracks from the ML list by holding Ctrl or Shift as is normal in any Windows app. Then place the cursor on any of the selected (highlighted) tracks, right click and "Play selection".