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Unique characters of non-English languages

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  • Unique characters of non-English languages

    Hi would like to ask is there anywhere I can make the default Modern Skin in Winamp recognise unique characters from other non-English languages, eg. "ã" from Portugese because my song titles are not appearing right.

    I want to keep English as the default language though, just wondering how to add character recognition to the skin.

    Hope I can get some help.


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    Preferences > Skins > Modern Skins > "Font Rendering" tab.

    Plenty of options to play around with there.

    I assume you are referring to the song ticker in the main window. By default it is the bitmapped all uppercase LED sing looking font. To change that check "Use alternative fonts if the skin defines them" and leave "keep primary font in strings with only 7-bit characters"

    If you don't like the font that it replaces it with then check "Use skin font mapper" and hit the Configure Skin Font Mapping button.

    The song ticker font is player.songticker.font. For this you will have to uncheck "Use alternative fonts if the skin defines them"

    And there is other stuff on that screen to play with if that doesn't meet your tastes.

    Now, for the Playlist Editor in the Preferences go to the General Preferences > Playlist page. Select an alternate font to use under "Use font" and uncheck "Use skin or language pack font."
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      Hi I've got the same problem also. Tried to use your solution but it didn't help, my chinese characters still appear as question marks. Is there any other way out?


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        Unique characters of non-English languages

        Nobody knows, how symbols in smalltext.png, it like a file with a font, should be located. If who knows answer plz ..


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          Preferences -> Modern Skin -> Font Rendering -> Unclick "Use FreeType internal TTF renderer"

          This should hopefully let you see characters on the ticker

          Let me know if this works. Tks.


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            nope still doesn't work


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              it didn't work for mine either


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                im also having this problem... i can't get russian characters to show up.


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         should help i think (as long as you're using 5.3)

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                    im still a bit ocnfused on what to do.

                    if fiddled with some of the preferences for the skin and media library... still no luck with either. is there something i need to download?


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                      Did you download 5.3 yet>
                      And the Media Library still currently does not support Unicode.
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                        oops... i think im on 5.24... will 5.3 fix the problem?

                        EDIT: got 5.3 - still nothing.


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                          Winamp 5.3 Released thread

                          First, get the updated ml_local.dll

                          Fire up Winamp, go to:

                          1. Prefs > Media Library > Local Media
                          Uncheck "use library title info for playlist item formatting"

                          2. Prefs > General Preferences > Playlist
                          Uncheck "use skin or lang pack font"
                          Select an appropriate font from the drop-down list, eg. Arial Unicode MS

                          3. Prefs > Skins > Modern Skins > Font Rendering tab
                          You might have to uncheck "use freetype internal ttf renderer"
                          See the screenshot in my post here for other settings.

                          You should now have support for unicode titles in the Modern skin Main window and Playlist window.

                          For Classic skins, the relevant settings are #1 & #2 above, and:
                          Prefs > Skins > Classic Skins, uncheck "use skinned font for main window title display" (which should be unchecked by default, but might be still checkmarked if you upgraded from some old version).

                          Note, you won't be able to see unicode characters in the Local Media section of the Media Library, because as explained in the 5.3 Released Notes, it still isn't implemented*. Likewise for the text in the taskbar icon.

                          * implemented for 5.33

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                            Thank you DJ Egg for the helpful information. My Winamp player now correctly displays Japanese text everywhere. However, I was wondering if you could help me with an additional, similar problem. I recently downloaded the toaster v.0.7.8 plugin, which is great; however, it does not display any Japanese text correctly. All it shows are question marks, i.e. "******??". Therefore, I thought since you had the answer for this problem in Winamp, then maybe you would have the answer for this problem for one of its plugins "Toaster for Winamp Classic v0.7.8 [gen_toaster.dll]". I would appreciate your help greatly DJ Egg. I wait for your reply and thanks again for the Winamp help.


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                              Most third-party plugins will need to be updated for Unicode support as well. So, might have to wait for an update on that. In the meantime, Winamp 5.33 Beta does have Unicode library support
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