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Playlist loads with just a "%1" ??

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  • Playlist loads with just a "%1" ??

    WinAmp 5.03
    No plugins or anything....bone stock.

    Sometimes, when I close out WinAmp with my 9000 track playlist opened...the next time I goto reload WinAmp, my playlist totally clears and a "%1" is my first and only track in the playlist. It only happens every so often, not all the time. Any help on this? Thanks

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    What is your Windows OS?

    What method are you using to open Winamp?
    From the desktop shortcut to winamp.exe?
    By double clicking a playlist file?
    By a key on your multimedia keyboard?

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      Win XP, I can either double click the icon on the desktop or hit the play key on my Logitech Wireless keyboard, or even when I used to have WinBand loaded and hit the load button from there, it didn't matter. This has also happened from 5.0 on.
      System Specs
      P4 2.4 OC'd to 3.1 (wc'd with Danger Den)
      Radeon 9700 OC'd (also wc'd)
      Plenty of HD space
      1 gig of mem.

      Has never happened on earlier versions (been using WinAmp since almost inception.)


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        Well, I'm going to guess that it's an issue with your players.ini file, ie. the logitech kybd config file.

        As long as the winamp desktop/start menu shortcut properties leads to:
        "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe"

        and .m3u playlists are properly associated with Winamp
        Prefs -> File Types: select M3U


        Windows Folder Options -> File Types
        M3U -> Advanced
        Play in Winamp -> Edit
        App used command line:
        "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"

        and winamp.m3u in the Winamp dir does not have the read-only attribute,

        then I honestly can't think of any other reason for this happening.

        Maybe this thread might be useful?

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