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  • Seperate prefs for different users

    I searched high and low and didnt seem to find the answer to this. perhaps too obvious to even post in the forums, i dunno. hah, but my question is if there is a way to have different preferences for winamp 5 for different user accounts on XP. I hate logging on and opening winamp to find his ugly skin playing some fruity music! I just want wianmp to load my preferences when i log in, and his when he logs in. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Winamp doesn't support multi-user accounts at the moment.
    Though there are several work-arounds:
    Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

    http://x-fixer.narod****progs/#wa2 (Winamp Profiler)
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      Thanks siebe! Only problem is I just downloaded, installed and played around with Winamp Profiler and it dosent work! O well, thanks for the help!


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        I guess I shouldn't have advised Profiler...
        I tried it now, and it worked for me, but when I clicked 'logins...' Winamp crashed.
        Also I think it needs some updating for Winamp 5. I suppose it's not supporting Media Library and Modern Skins. (since it only stores winamp.ini and winamp.m3u in the profile folders)
        You have to create profiles your self (right-click main window -> winamp profiler -> preferences -> profiles).

        Maybe the only way to get it the way you want is install several winamps...

        I searched the plugin database at the site and found one more (didn't try it...)

        But, it only remembers the playlist per user...
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          Ok, some more info about Winamp Profiler. It seems you can add more files to be stored per profile.
          In the Preferences box (tab profiles) you can click the button 'other files...'.
          (btw: i didn't try this myself, so it's on you own risk )

          For remembering moderns skins add the file studio.xnf (in your winamp folder).
          For the media library (though i doubt that'll work) add all files in Winamp/Plugins/ml AND the file gen_ml.ini (in Winamp/Plugins).

          It would be even better when opening winamp would show a box where you could choose which profile to use.
          Maybe that's under the button 'logins...', but that button made my winamp crash
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            lol, thanks for the help, but i cant even try it now. When it wasnt working I told it to not startup w/ winamp and now its not in the context menu, but still loads up with the window name [Profile: Phil] and since its not an option in the menu I cant change anything. I tried reinstalling it but it didnt help. Any ideas?


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              You can access the preferences for profiler via the winamp preferences box as well.
              Right-click main window -> Options -> Preferences -> tab Plug-ins -> tab General Purpose -> double-click Winamp Profiler
              There you can check the option 'Insert item into Winamp menu' as well
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                Thanks!! I atleast got the skin to change and thats good enough! thanks man!