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Winamp can't load, after installing Card Reader

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  • Winamp can't load, after installing Card Reader

    Winamp 5.03 has worked with no problems, but after installing IC Card Reader Driver 1.9e for device 6in1 Card Reader UCR61S2B - it can't load. Trying to initialize Winamp crashes (I can see, that running process is Equalizer, no visible, hanging memory, finally crashing system.
    After rebooting system and disabling the driver in Device Menager - Winamp starts OK.
    Maybe there is an engine inside Winamp, which is scanning disks in system when starting? May it's drivers or access or sharing conflict?
    It would be wonderful to work with both Winamp and Card Reader in one system.

    Could someone help me, please?

    I'm running on Pentium III 733, 512MB RAM, DirectX 8.1, Windows 98se.

    All the best for Winamp developers and users

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    In Winamp...
    1. Ctrl+P
    2. General Preferences > Media Library
    3. Media Importing tab
    4. uncheck 'Rescan folders at startup'

    There may be a conflict with the Sonic engine (only a guess)
    1. Ctrl+P
    2. Plug-ins > Input
    3. double click "Nullsoft CD\LineIn plug-in"
    4. uncheck 'Use Sonic engine when possible"

    Do you have the latest card reader drivers from the manufacture?

    There is also a update patch for Winamp 5.03.

    Maybe a full uninstall/reinstall of Winamp. Don't forget to install the WA5.03 update patch after reinstalling.
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      Thanks, JonnyMac
      Option 'Rescan folders at startup' was unchecked.

      Still nothing after unchecking "Use Sonic engine..."

      I made update - no changes...

      I will try options with uninstalling some plug-ins (dll)
      as you suggest (under post 1212729)

      IF Winamp is starting/running when Card Reader driver is disabled in Device Manager, and I TURN THE DRIVER ON during Winamp's running - Card Reader starts to work, not hanging the Winamp nor Windows. Unfortunately, turn off the device (disabling driver in Device Manager) is not possible without rebooting system.

      Anyway, thank you again, "maybe tomorrow..."


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        Oh, JonnyMac and bug hunters
        Thanks, thanks, thanks...

        Finally, today (hard work, install and reboot...again...)
        Thanks to you, JonnyMac, I visited pages with threads you suggested. At the one of topic I've found list of things to do (check and eliminate during installation).
        After analizing posts I decided to full install but without Sonic Ripping/Burning option.
        Good shot! WA and Card Reader are working now face to face with no problems.
        It seems to be a conflict ... what kind?

        JonnyMac, thanks for support and right direction

        Best Regards


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          I came back to your thread to offer a couple more suggestions and now you have solved the problem your self. Anyways you are welcome. As for what could be causing the conflict between Sonic and Card Reader, your guess is a good as mine.

          You did mention “I made update - no changes”. Does that include a update to the drivers for the card reader? My suspicion has been faulty drivers for the card reader.
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            Sounds similar to this known issue...

            From the Troubleshooters sticky:

            Winamp Equalizer not Responding (Win98SE)
            Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

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            It would seem to be some issue with the Sonic Engine drivers under Win98SE only. And, afaik, we are yet to work out what exactly...

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              Hi, JonnyMac and DJ Egg
              It was the Winamp update I've made, there is no update for the card reader at the moment, I don't think it will ever be.
              Anyway, all is working, it's a pity WA without Sonic possibilities.
              May you find sth.
              DJ, thanks for the threads, I'll analize all of them later.
              See you


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                OK, I read the tread 167928 Dj Egg suggested.
                As I can see it's (and was) the same problem, anyway the results of starting WA with installed Sonic Ripping/Burning option were the same (WA not starting, empty area on the screen when equalizer at the list of running processes, memory eating-hanging efect).
                It means that the problem is the conflict between some devices (drivers) and Sonic engine, maybe only under Win98se?
                Finally, I belive the WA HIT PROGRAM, Developers and Users will win the war...
                All the best