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Solution: Setting up Winamp 5 on multiuser computer

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  • Solution: Setting up Winamp 5 on multiuser computer

    I just finished setting up WinAmp 5 on a Win2k machine so that different users have their own settings saved and so that the it runs for all users. Following is the how to.

    1. Log into the machine as Administrator and install Winamp.

    2. Download Winamp Profiler ( and install.

    3. Go to the folder where Winamp was installed and right click on the folder, choose properties, then the security tab. Add "Everyone" to the list of names and give Everyone full control.

    4. Click on the advanced tab at the bottom of the security page, and put a check mark in "Reset all child objects." Click OK until you get are back to the properties screen and click OK there, too.

    5. Run regedit32 and drill down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\X-Fixer\WinAmp Profiler

    6. Click on the above key, then click on the Security Menu, then permissions.

    7. Once again, add Everyone and give full control. Also, repeat step number 4, then close the registry editor.

    8. Now, open WinAmp. It will probably open for a second, then disappear for a couple of seconds, then reopen.

    9. Right click on the Winamp screen and choose Winamp Profiler from the list of items. You should see "Administrator" with a check mark next to it. Click on "Preferences" that is down the list.

    10. On the "Profile" tab, under Winamp settings there is an item labeled cwd with a space for a path. Navigate to the \Winamp\Profiles\administrator\ folder, then OK until the screen closes. You have just saved the profile for the adminstrator user. Any changes you make to the skins or other preferences, etc. will be saved for this user.

    11. Log out and log in as another user and repeat steps 8-10 replacing the adminsitrator folder in step 10 with the folder by the same name as the user you have logged in under. That name should be the one you see checked in step 9 also.

    You can repeat the above for as many users as you have using this machine or even create separate profiles for the same user. By clicking on the name of the profile in the list, you'll change to that users profile. Unfortunately, you will also be able to change that user's settings if you choose to, but if you're on good terms with the others that use the same machine, that shouldn't be a problem.

    If tested this several times and it seems to be working fine. You can experiment with the other settings in the Profiler. I haven't had the time and my primary interest was that users wouldn't have to reset their preferences every time they logged into the machine.


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    Solution: Setting up Winamp 5 on multiuser computer - correction

    On further testing, it seems that steps 8 through 11 are not necessary for the program to retain settings for each user.



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      Re: Solution: Setting up Winamp 5 on multiuser computer


      thanks for your useful ideas and excellent technology...

      i never saw any technique which winamp haves...

      hats of to winamp

      and here i request to update the customers frequently


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        Thanks that helps me


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          Winamp 5.5x supports different settings for different user profiles straight out-of-the-box. No 3rd-party plugins required. This is an old thread from 4 years ago, from a time when it didn't...

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