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radio skipping/clipping

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    globalloon & maleform - I seem to have the same problem.

    "streaming radio is clipping every few seconds"
    chop.. chop.. it sounds like some kind of interference and distortion and now and then it drops completely and then starting to buffer again, and so on.

    I use winamp 5.04 pro, running windows xp pro, 512MB RAM, 80GB drive, and also use mcafee internet security.
    Connected through a router.

    Have tried a lot of things to solve this issue and I'll post here again if I find out what is is.



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      Got it......

      maleform -
      simply "disable" mcafee's "PRIVACY SERVICE" made the streaming radio work fine on my xp-machine.

      I would assume this solution would work on your machine too.


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        i'm still with the same difficulty. a mother of a friend came and laid hands on, but could see no system reason for winamp not streaming.

        living in hope


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          globalloon -

          "i'm still with the same difficulty"

          Tried play streaming radio after disabling McAfee Privacy Service?

          You may still be running the McAfee Privacy Service indicated in your Running processes
          C:\Program Files\McAfee\McAfee Privacy Service\GUARDDOG.EXE

          To disable Privacy Service:
          - Right-click the McAfee Security Center "M" in the taskbar -
          - Go to: "Privacy Service" click "Open Privacy Sevice"
          - Click: "Privacy Service is enabled"
          - Click: "Click here if you want to disable Privacy Service"
          - Click: OK.

          To enable Privacy Service again:
          - Right-click the McAfee Security Center "M" in the taskbar -
          - Go to: "Privacy Service" click "Open Privacy Sevice"
          - Click: "Privacy Service is disabled"
          - Click: "Click here if you want to enable Privacy Service"
          - Click: OK.

          You may also want to try and temporarily disable your AVG Grisoft resident shield.


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            thanks for the suggestion AMikee. I tries that and it worked for about 5 minutes. As with many of the suggestions people have given (including a clean re-instal) the problem is solved for a few minutes, or up to 24 hours, then the same skipping and clipping happens again.

            i'm using real player now, but some of my favourite stations aren'r available.

            i'm at a total loss for why this is happening.

            Edit* Some radio stations are now working, but only a few.


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              no further suggestions?

              please... I do love winamp


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                Mmh, I guess all suggestions have been done by now. I don't feel like going through all your posts atm, but I believe this hasn't been suggested yet:

                Prefs > Input > double-click Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder > tab Streaming > uncheck 'Enable SHOUTcast title support'

                I doubt it'll work, though... :/
                If you're bored go here or, if the boredom is more serious, here.