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Issues with listening to internet radio via winamp 5

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  • Issues with listening to internet radio via winamp 5

    This has been a reoccuring problem for some time now, and I finally decided to see if I can find a way to fix it.

    Basically when I search the internet radio database within winamp 5 and click any link, nothing happens, no sound, the servers dont even show up in the playlist. I've reinstalled winamp several times with no avail, although when I download the pls file from the yp I can make it work with Real Player but not winamp.

    Anyone have an idea on how to fix this issue? I am not behind any proxy or firewall.

    Any input would be appreicated..

    Thanks in Advance


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    The SHOUTcast directory feed for the Winamp Media Library is currently... fucked. It's not a problem with your install. It should hopefully be fixed within a few days, hopefully.
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      Is this the case also for me? I can listen some internet radio stations without any problem as usualy before. But some stations are listed on the list I click on them and nothing happened. No sound and no transfer and no failed connection, just a blank nothing happens, like I did not clicked.

      For e.g. I see radio station CLUB 977 The 80's channel (which is the station with most listeners) I click on it and there is no sound, no failed connection, no transfer what so ever. This happens with app. 40% of other internet radio stations which are listed in Winamp.

      Thanks for the confirmation or answer.

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        Yes. Try goting to instead for the listing.

        Originally posted by drewbar
        The SHOUTcast directory feed for the Winamp Media Library is currently... fucked. It's not a problem with your install. It should hopefully be fixed within a few days, hopefully.
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        Jan 1st, 12AM (PST, GMT -8) 2010 - 282,246


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          well the thing is...when I load a stations pls file into winamp it will not play either.


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            Yup, you are not to only one who is experiencing this issue/problem. If you know the home page of the station try the Listen link there.
            Originally posted by drewbar
            The SHOUTcast directory feed for the Winamp Media Library is currently... fucked. It's not a problem with your install. It should hopefully be fixed within a few days, hopefully.
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              Hi ... I have the same problem when i click a station ... Is there a fixes for it as of yet ???


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                Some radio channels without links

                I use the radio in 5.04, and have got a problem which seems to be getting worse every day: Some of the radio channels do not work, in the sense that when double-clicking on them, nothing shows up in the playlist. I have also tried activating them by pressing Enter, dragging into the playlist,and right-clicking and selecting "Play selection".

                Winamp is set to refresh the radio list every hour, and I sometimes refresh it manually to see if the problem has been solved.

                I don't recieve any error messages.

                I have had Winamp 3 installed previously, and installed Winamp 5.03 on top. After reading the section on how bad this was, I uninstalled 5.03, removed the directory, and installed 5.04 in a different directory. Even so, the problem persisted.

                The bug now applies to e.g. the "DIGITALLY - IMPORTED - Vocal trance - a fusion of trance, dance, and chilling vocals" and "Mantaradio - The Q! Hit Music Now!" channels. The "DIGITALLY - IMPORTED - Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check out our trippy flavors!" and "Republic of Korea Top Radio. MUKULCAST.COM * KPOP" channels work.

                My system is running Windows XP SP1 with DirectX 9.0b (which showed no problems). I have not used any third party plug-ins when having this problem.


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                  It sounds very similar to this:
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                  For now, try to connect through

                  (anyone who can confirm wether this problem is still around?
                  if so, maybe make the thread I linked to a stickey in TS?
                  a lot of people are still experiencing this problem)
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                    Definitely similar. Just close this request or add it to the information regarding thread 189725.

                    [Edit --> DJ Egg]
                    Threads merged and made sticky in Tech Support.
                    Strangely enough, I'm not having any problems at the moment...
                    but I'll try a few more stations, and see if I can find out more info.


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                      I`m not having a problem with the INT Radio side, that `s working ok @ the moment...

                      I`m having problem`s with the INT TV side...Once selected nothing come`s up..0 of 126 stream`s is displayed @ the bottom though..???

                      Is this also down to them..


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                        I'm also getting the same problem. Accessing through Shoutcast seems to be working, but it would be more convenient if I could access directly through the player itself.

                        This was working a few weeks ago... What's changed?


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                          I've just refreshed my ML > Internet Radio list, brought down 5000 streams, and enqueued the top 200 from the list into my playlist window, and every single one of them played perfectly ok... so I'm not really sure what the problem is...?

                          There's a separate sticky for Internet TV issues...

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                            Essentially the problem is exactly as others have described it before me.

                            I open Winamp, the ML> Streaming media> Internet Radio but double clicking on most radio stations, such as Club 977,, or 'digitally imported - Trance Techno Dance' brings up no connection at all. No details, no buffering at 0%, nothing at all appears in any of the information boxes.

                            These stations do play when accessed through the shoutcast site.

                            However, some stations do play through the ML, such as Groove Salad, and surprisingly 'digitally imported - Ambient Chillout Psy'.

                            I've reinstalled but this hasn't helped. The questions that need to be asked are these:

                            Can other people who have this error connect to the same stations that I can, and do they have the same stations on error?

                            What is different in the process of accessing channels that I can get to those that I cannot?

                            What is different about a connection generated through Shoutcast?

                            I'm thinking that the difference is in the way the .pls file is generated. I guess that the software has the correct information to generate this automatically for some of the stations, but not for others. Where this information comes from I don't know, I'm not much of a programmer, but this explanation does seem to be the most likley one.

                            EDIT: I've had a new thought. I doubt it's relevant, but I've got the FoxyTunes extension in Firefox so that I can control Winamp directly from my browser. I can't think why this might be important but you never know. Does anyone else with this error have this Firefox extension? If even one doesn't then we can discount it.
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                              A firewall issue maybe?

                              When I queue up that Club 977 80s Channel stream, there's 5 entries in the playlist.
                              Four of them are port 80 streams and end with "stream/1040", eg.

                              The 5th one doesn't use the uvox server method, and is a direct port 8010 link:

                              Can you get one of the alt url's to stream?

                              Again, all the streams you referred to above are working perfectly ok for me.

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