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    I've downloaded Winamp 5.04, and WMA files occasionally don't load. In Winamp 2 and 3, I never experienced this, but it says "[opening]" when I double click the song, and occasionally (Only sometimes - sometmes it does work if I persevere), it says "[opening failed]" and skips the track, even though it's in full working order.

    Have I done something wrong, or something?

    If you need to know, my specs are:
    Windows XP Home SP2
    Winamp 5.04
    1.53GHz AMD Athlon XP
    256MB RAM

    Is all. My soundcard is just a tacky Onboard one.

    Thank you.

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    I've no idea why this is happening (I can't reproduce the problem here), but if none of your WMA files were encoded with DRM-protection enabled, try one of the following:

    1. Replace the current WMA decoder (Winamp\Plugins\in_wm.dll) with either this one from Winamp 5.02 or this one from Winamp 2.50

    2. Or, with Winamp closed, remove or disable in_wm.dll (eg. rename to,
    reopen Winamp, and add ;WMA to the DirectShow Decoder config (Prefs > Plugins > Input) and let in_dshow.dll handle wma files instead.

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      Perfect. That 5.02 WMA Decoder fixed everything.



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        Thanks. The 5.02 WMA decoder fixed the problem with my winamp too.


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          Yes! Thanks for the link to the file. It worked for me too. =] So glad I searched...


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            I even got mine working, cheers m8!


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              also had this issue

              at some point, since its been how long since 5.02, and im on 5.56 and still getting the issue, maybe someone should fix in_wm.dll?
              like, is it always crashing on wma files created by a certain program? it appears to crash no matter where you seek in the file, after playing back for so long, which to me, implies a memory leak.
              didnt the winamp installer used to install the windows media runtime and let directshow handle it by default? that would be a good fix too


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                Re: also had this issue

                This thread is 5 years old lols