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Unable to make streaming buffer change apply

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  • Galmok
    DOH! (really)

    Sometimes one should make a more thorough search for the cause of problems one gets. Now, my problem was that the Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder wasn't even being used, but I couldn't see that. I had the MAD plugin installed and it was enabled. I found the connection only by searching all files in the winamp installation folder for files containing the string: in_mp3

    Disabling the MAD plugin cause the Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder to be used and everything is great once again.

    This does bring me to a different point:

    Wouldn't it be great it Winamp allowed the user to see when plugins were actually being used? It would have saved my a couple of hours of searching.

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  • Galmok
    started a topic Unable to make streaming buffer change apply

    Unable to make streaming buffer change apply

    Well, I am listening to an audio station and wonder why winamp 5.04 won't use the larger streaming data buffer I have set (960kB):

    Preferences->Input->Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 3.04

    I can set it to 10MB but winamp still only gets approx 100k or so (difficult to determine, just watching DU Meter).

    I am listening to

    over a high latency line (400ms in average). Drop-outs can be avoided by increasing the directsound buffer to about 20 seconds (which is max), but I would rather buffer the compressed music because of memory considerations and because I don't need 20 seconds buffering for local playback.

    I assume the above broadcast gives mp3 sound but in case it was Vorbis sound, I changed that buffer as well, but to no avail. Still only gets approx 100k before starting playback. The slider are set to buffer at least 50% (almost 500k) before begining playback. Doesn't happen, though.

    Is changing the directsound buffer my only choice? And why does the MPEG/Vorbus streaming buffer not apply in this situation?