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ghetto work-around for displayin other languages (unicode)

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  • ghetto work-around for displayin other languages (unicode)

    XP and 2k3
    yes yes i know.
    Step2: open applocale, browse for winamp, select language, then check the "create shortcut box".
    OK, and u should have new folder in the start/programs folder. u'll find the shortcut there.
    Step3: launch and enjoy the text in whatever language the tags are.

    Here is the ugly part.
    1 the shortcut always pop up a stupid dialog when u launch it.
    2 some preference item is messed up in chinese traditional and japanese (only 2 i've tried). >>>everything works<<< just have some odd fonts here and there.
    3 u are on ur own if u wanna edit the tags. it just says tags are read only.

    The good, no more changing the regional settings and messing up other programs.

    this works for me, may be it'll work for ya.

    bad engrish ownz \o/