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Streaming media just stops in the middle of the song

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    Intrigued by the length of the thread so I installed .nsa support earlier and took a look.

    I've only found one stream with problems so far(.pls attatched, rename .txt => .pls). This consistently breaks up at the same time into the stream, and shows an identical pattern of drop outs each time.

    This would seem to point to either an encoding error at AOL's end or a decoding error at Winamp's end. It looks unlikely to be a connection problem.

    A bit vague I'm afraid with only one stream to go on, I'll look for other bad streams when I get the time. If others in the thread would like to attatch the .pls files of streams that give problems I'll take a look at them.

    The only other problem I've found so far is with title disply, again, this could be AOL not encoding correctly or it could be Winamp's title parser, which is known to be buggy.

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      That would appear to be an encoding error. It keeps breaking up a bit around the 1 to 3 minute mark. But the stream does play constantly throughout the whole 56:36 (for me) without disconnecting.

      Re: title display
      afaik, just bad tagging :/

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        Yeah, I didn't loose the stream at all. I was thinking there may be others that generate a false EOF or something.



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          Nah, I wasn't necessarily saying that it's Winamp's fault. More of an irritation at the members of the Windows programming community that can't make their programs follow a universal standard that won't botch up other programs.

          Anyway... so after doing the Repair thing and then repairing the WinXP "Repair" mess, I found that Repair had in fact severely crippled my system so I did what any seasoned MS Windows user has done many many times... I had to backup my data and completely reformat. So now here I am, installed a whole bunch of stuff, and I've been testing Music inbetween every install and after each test it's played just fine. I had a few ideas after finding that it didn't conflict with any of my regular programs... I had my system tweaked to close programs immediately when I told my computer to Shut Down so if they didn't comply right away, windows would just End Process on them. So there's that. I also remember tweaking some of my TCP/IP settings using one of those optimizers. I think that there may have been one other system-tweaking thing that I did but I can't remember it at the moment.

          So to those of you others that are having problems, do you recall having done any tweak type things to your system? Anything even remotely out of the norm?

          I also have a slight suspicion that the new MS Media Player may have something to do with it. I determined that's what initially gave me the problems with trying to "Repair" windows and ended up killing the thing (I'm not installing that new MS Media again)

          So I'll continue getting my system back to its former self with all of my software and after each install I'll test Music--will let you all know if I find anything.

          So far, none of these cause problems:
          MS Windows XP
          any of the Windows Updates (including SP2, excluding MSMediaPlayer[the new one])
          avast antivirus
          Sygate Personal
          Creative Labs Drivers


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            Dude... you are a FLIPPIN' GENIUS! Usually when I install Windows, I run the TCP/IP Optimizer from After reading your last post, I thought about what you wrote, and decided maybe that was causing the problem. SO, I reset the TCP/IP stack (netsh int ip reset c:\tcpipreset.txt), and resetart the computer. After Windows loaded, I tried two songs and they ran all the way through! No problem! I am going to test a few more songs, but I think you found the problem.

            Good work taloniusrs.

            The only problem is now, my MTU Window and TCP/IP settings are not fully optimized for my connection. But, I don't care, I'm happy


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              Thanks for the info.
              I'll bookmark this thread for future reference.

              Personally, I've never trusted any of those TCP/IP/Internet Optimizer type apps, heh :/

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                Reset TCP/IP Optimizations

                That's the exact same optimizer that I usually use as well I can't believe that we found the reason to this madness! I just reset the MAX MTU and all that fun TCP/IP stuff on my sister's computer using that same "netsh int ip reset c:\tcpipreset.txt" command and it worked like a charm. I ran two songs including that Alpha Beta Gaga song that would always mess up and they played straight through.

                Mystery Solved
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                  ROFL. i used speedguide also and have the same problems with music. glad i found this thread.


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                    Still Not Working


                    I went through the thread, and I did everything short of formatting/reinstalling. I'm loathe to do it unless it's absolutely neccessary. I also did the netsh reset that was mentioned there. The result was still the same and I've never downloaded or used an optimizer.

                    I attached my HJT log in case there was something there that could possibly be messing it up.

                    Please help.
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                      If you try to stream at a bitrate of 64kbps with a 56k6 modem, you'll get buffer underruns. On the bitrate is indicated by the Low and High buttons; in the Media Library you can see the bitrate in the Bitrate column. You can choose between 16 and 64 kbps. But since you're on DSL, that's not relevant in this case.


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                        radios cuts off frequently

                        hi i have the same problem not with songs but with radios streams (i know it's an old thread) . i experience cuts off very very frequenly . it's simple i canno't play a normal webradio seance :/ . i have a 8 megas connection and i play mainly 64 or 128k streams . i already have Winamp folder in the firewall (Online A.) exceptions thing i don't like much , and now i have that problem . somebody has an idea , or could help me with the nsv decoder settings . thanks


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                          for my part it was the box that was dead . can't .. edit ??