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    How do i get the enqueue to work in winamp 5? I have been using 3 up until now because i didn't really like the new features but i decided to switch over and i find that the enqueue doesn't work the same way... I can't even get a song to be put into a que list...

    How do i do this in winamp5?


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    Assuming you didn't uncheck support for Extended Jump to File Support in the installation options, use "Alt+click" or "Q" to enqueue files in the Winamp playlist.
    More features c/o Jump to File window (Playlist > J).
    More options/config c/o Winamp > Prefs > Jump to File.

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      ok i found the jump to file thing in the preferences... but i still don't know how to make the queue list work


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        Ok, you edited, wait a second...

        When you press "J", the Jump to File window will popup. Click on the large button "(Search mode} ...". You will now see the files that are currently enqueued.

        What do you mean by "make the queue list work"? What do you expect it to do and what did you try? Do you see the files you enqueued in the queue list?
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          ok i think i got it figured out for the most part



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            Re: Enqueue

            Originally posted by chadbobb
            I have been using 3 up until now
            From the Common Issues section of the Troubleshooters Sticky

            Guide to "sidegrading" from Winamp3 to Winamp 5
            Your "one stop" guide.
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              ok one more question... How do i skip a file that is in the que? lets say a song is in the queue and it turns on and i decide when it turns on i don't want to listen to it anymore.... how do i have it skip to the next song?


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                Just press the Next button in the main window as you normally do

                (or used the shortcut "B")
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