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    I recently download Winamp player but somehow I cant change it to any available skin on the net ... what do I have to do to change the modern or classic skin ??

    I did download the skin but when im installing the new skin that I just download it appear to the modern / classic skin again


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    Issues with "Auto-installing"/Downloading Skins
    (Go to Issues with Displaying or Using Skins | Tips & Tricks with Skins)

    One or more of the following...
  • Is is just modern skins that do not download? Which package of Winamp do you have? Modern skins (.wal) are supported by Winamp 5 Full, Bundle or Pro (not Lite). Pro is not required, Winamp Full will do just fine. Try reinstalling Winamp and make sure 'Modern Skin Support' is checkmarked/selected under 'User Interface Extensions' in the Choose Components window of the installer options...

    ......Click to enlarge
    503px × 388px | 41.74 KB

    Also make sure that WAL is selected file types in the last page/window of the installer options...

    ......Click to enlarge
    560px × 394px | 40.86 KB
  • Try Clearing Your Browser's Cache Memory
  • If you have a third party download manager/accelerator, disable it prior to downloading skins.
  • Make sure the skins directory is set correctly
    Winamp > Ctrl+P > Skins > 'Set skins directory...' button > Make sure it points to the current skins directory (usually C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins depending on where Winamp was installed)
  • Try the alternative download method
    1. While Winamp is not running, right-click on the download link
    2. select 'Save link/target as'
    3. download/save the skin to the WA5 skins folder (usually C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins)
    Example: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\SkinName.wal (or SkinName.wsz if downloading a classic skin)
    Next time you are using Winamp 5, select the skin there.

    Note: . If you have multi-user setup for Winamp 5.3x, the skins folder may be located at C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Winamp. The Application Data folder is hidden by default, so you may need to checkmark "show hidden files/folders" in: Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab

Issues with Displaying or Using Skins
(Go to Issues with "Auto-installing"/Downloading Skins | Tips & Tricks with Skins)

Classic and Modern Skin Issues
  • Skins do not appear or download appear correctly with Vista SP1
    See DJ Egg's reply from the Winamp 5.531 Released thread. Update: Issue has been fixed with the release of Winamp 5.54 (and higher).
  • Skins options (skin choice, size, position, color, etc) are not remembered.
    Something may be preventing Winamp from correcting saving its preferences/settings. Read here for suggested fixes.
  • Media Library, Main/player, Playlist, etc. Window has Disappeared from the Screen.
    From Common Issues of the Troubleshooters Sticky...

    Windows (main, ml, pl, etc) disappearing off screen:
  • Some Windows Have a Default/Generic Look...

    If a skin does not have specific window, Winamp will substitute one. It is up to the skin author/developer to include all windows in skins.

    While this goes for both Modern and Classic skins you may find it to be more common in classic skins written prior to Winamp 2.9. Skins written before 2.9 do not have Gen.bmp, Genex.bmp and Video.bmp which contain the skinning elements for the ML, AVS and Video windows. Some newer plug-ins are able to take advantage of the 'Genex.bmp's. In which case, the plug-in may have a "standard" appearance while using a pre 2.9 skin. It is up to the individual skin author/developer to update their skin(s). See the thread "Media Library doesn't take some skins" (pertains to classic skins).
Classic Skin Issues
  • Multi-monitor, Virtual Desktop and Litestep Issues
    Winamp > Ctrl+P > Skins > Classic Skins > 'Classic Skin Options' tab > there are two compatibility settings near the bottom "Litestep VWM compatible mode" & "Always on Litestep Virtual Desktops"
  • WindowShade playlist editor text appears to be larger or different after updating to 5.2x.
Modern Skin Issues
Tips & Tricks with Skins
(Go to Issues with "Auto-installing"/Downloading Skins | Issues with Displaying or Using Skins)

Classic and Modern Skins
  • What is a Skin?
  • Differences between Classic and Modern skins
  • Separate Classic and Modern Skins for Easier Selection.
    Try DrO's Skins in Submenu plugin (discussion thread). It will separate Classic and Modern skins on Winamp main context (right click) menu and make it easier to select between classic and modern skins.
  • Skinned Menus
    Try NxS Skinned Menus. Applies the current skins color to Winamp's menus. A little buggy, but it works.
  • Skin Themes for Preferences/Options and Dialogue Boxes
    DrO's Skinned Preferences plug-in (discussion thread | updated version 0.86.1 alpha) will add the current skin's theme (color, buttons) to prefs and dialogue boxes in Winamp.
  • Wallpaper for Playlist
    The Wallpaper for Playlist Editor plug-in (discussion thread) will let you add wallpaper to the list space of the Playlist Editor. Requires Windows 2000 or XP and ATI or nVidia card.
  • Disable Docking/Snap While Dragging Windows
    Hold the Shift key, then drag the window.
  • Skin Easter Egg
    While the main/player window is in focus type the following...
    N U L Esc L Esc S O F T
    No spaces, Esc represents the escape key, capitalization not required.

    In the main/player there will be different a effect between Classic skins and Modern skins. Not all classic skins have the Easter egg. Modern skin Easter egg only works with Windows 2000/XP.
  • Skin Browser Shortcut Key
  • Skin Preferences (from Winamp Help via the F1 key in Winamp)
  • Changing the Size of Winamp

Third Party Skin Sites/Collections (see disclaimer)Home Pages of Third Party Skin Authors (see disclaimer)
Note: Skins from third party sites may not be fully skinned.

There is no endorsement (unofficial, official or otherwise) of the third party skin site links (and links contained within). All links used without permission. They are provided as a FYI and on a user/browser/visitor beware basis. By providing them we are in no way liable for loss of data or other computer damage as a result of visiting the links (and links contained within) and/or using/downloading skins.

Classic Skins
  • Built-in Visualization In The Playlist Editor
    If you close the main/player Window (Alt+W) the "built-in" vis (from the main/player windos) will appear in the playlist editor, near the bottom middle. You may have widen the playlist editor to view the vis.
  • Disable the Built-in Vis While A Visualization plug-in is ebabled.
    Winamp > Ctrl+P > Plug-ins > in the right plane checkmark 'Disable built-in visualization when visualization plug-in is active
  • Using the Clutterbar
    The column of buttons next to the time & vis window.
  • Lock or Immobilize Winamp Windows
    Try the gen_freeze plug-in. Check later posts for new versions of the plug-in.
  • Skin Ports
    Are you feeling retro and miss the good old Winamp 1 days? Do you like the Winamp look of the Modern Default, Bento or Winamp3 skins, but don't like the extra resources modern skin uses?...
  • Winamp 1 Port
    Available Here (Azarien's post) | screenshot | From this thread
  • Winamp3 Port
    Winamp3 Classified
  • Winamp 5 Modern Port
    Winamp Classified
  • Bento Port
    Bento Classified
  • Modern Skin Style Enhancements for Classic Skins
  • Additional "Built-in" Visualizations
    Some modern skins have additional "built in" visualizations other than just the standard oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. Try the Nullsoft Visualization Library vis plug-in. A retro vis (1999), however it can superimpose additional visualizations over the classic skins "built-in vis" window.

    When using NVL, select 'wVis (windowed or fullscreen) truecolor array v4.11' from the 'Plug-in module:' dropdown box (in the Vis plug-ins preferences box, via Ctrl+K) > right click in the plug-ins vis window to select docking options and choice of vis.
  • Analog VU Meters
    Some modern have "needle style" or analog VU meeters. Try the Stereo Analog VU Meter plug-in.
  • Cross-fade Controls/Buttons
    Try the NxS XFade control plug-in (alternate download). Also works with modern that do not have x-fade controls.
  • Docked Toolbar Mode
    Try the Xdock plug-in. Xdock is buggy with WA5, but may still work. If you are unsatisfied with Xdock, try DrO's Classic Skin Appbar plug-in (taken from the buggy link).
  • Media Library Button
    Because additional buttons would break classic skins, an option has been added to toggle the function of the Main/Player lightning bolt shortcut (button)...
    Winamp > Ctrl+P > General Preferences > Media Library > 'Modify Settings' button > checkmark 'Main Window lightning bolt opens Media Library instead of About Box'
  • Notifications AKA Title/Track Bubble
    Display title or track info in a pop-up on the corner of the screen.
    NxS Balloon Tip (alternate download)
    Toaster (home page | alternate download)
    Other "on screen" Title/Track display plug-ins
  • Opacity/Translucency
    Classic skins were developed before Windows 2000/XP, therefore classic skins (*.wsz) do not natively support opacity. It is the Modern skins (*.wal) that have opacity "built in". However you can get opacity/translucency effects for Classic skins with on the following General Prupose plug-ins...
    - Crystal Classic Skins
    adds a 'Alpha Blending' tab to Class Skins prefs menu similar to the Modern Skin prefs menu
    - Lucidamp
    also provides addtional support for Modern Skins
    - TransparentFX
    - Other opacity plug-ins
    Gen_Trans | Translucency Control | CThru

    Note: Opacity/Translucency plug-ins require Windows 2000 or XP. Order of the above list does not indicate preference or endorsement. There might be some display conflicts between the translucency plug-ins and Modern skins.
  • Speakers
    Some modern skins have animated speakers. Try the X-Plugin.
  • Thinger
    Try the NxS Thinger plug-in (alternate download)
  • Smooth or "Micro-fine" Adjustment of Sizeable Windows
    Winamp > Ctrl+P > Skins > Classic Skins > 'Classic Skin Options' tab > checkmark 'Enable smooth window resizing for resizable skinned Windows'
  • Flexible interface with out modern skins.
    The aO User Interface for Winamp is a retro plug-in. It is a very flexible and customizable alternate interface with the feel of modern skins. Admittedly it is not as pretty as mod skins, however IMHO it is a interesting plug-in.
Modern Skins
  • Winamp Modern Skin Config Drawer Options
  • Bento Modern Skin Skins Options Panel
  • Docked Toolbar mode. (compatible skins)
  • Drag All Connected Windows Together
    Normally you can only drag connected windows together by the main/player window. By holding down the Alt key while dragging, you can drag by another window and also drag unconnected Winamp windows.
  • Additional Color Themes
    Add over 290 additional color themes for the Winamp Modern Default skin. Download the attachment from Koopatrooper's post (or this direct download), unzip it and run the installer. From the "Official Winamp 5.0 Modern Skin Colour Themes Thread"

    Additional Color Themes for Bento
  • Make Your Own Modern Skin Color Themes.
    Winamp 5 Color Editor (Color Editor FAQ)
  • Color Themes Favorites or Shortcut List
    If using a skin with a color theme list built in to the skin (eg Bento skins & Winamp Modern) you can set and load favorite color themes as a shortcut instead of having to scroll threw different themes. To save/set color theme right click on the preferred color theme from the "built in" list > select Save > save it to a slot number. To load a load a color theme favorite right click on any area of the "built in" list > select Load > select the preferred Slot or theme name.
  • Remove Jagged Edges Around Skins
    Winamp > Ctrl+P > Skins > Modern Skins > Alpha Blending tab > checkmark 'Enable Desktop Alpha (when requested by skin)'
    Applies to skins that uses alpha blending and only works with Windows XP/2000.
  • Skins with Bass & Treble Controls
  • Single SUI (Single User Interface) or "All in One" Skins
  • Skin Ports
  • Winamp v0.20a GUI Port
    The bare bones retro look and feel of the WA v0.2a GUI in a modern skin. Go to JT 2.0 > enter site > navigate to Skins, Winamp Modern, Page 5
  • Winamp3 Port
    Winamp3's free from skins inspired the modern (AKA free from) skin support for Winamp 5. The Winamp3 Default Skin includes updates for Winamp 5 (ie track/total time in PL "status bar").
  • Wasabi.player Port
    Wasabi.player is (or was?) the continuation of the now dead Winamp3. The wasabi player skin includes modifications for Winamp 5.
  • Window Settings Menu Shortcut
    The Windows Settings menu (Opacity, Scaling, Docked Toolbar) is available via Winamp's main/right-click menu. Ctrl+'Right-Click' on a skin will directly bring up the Windows Settings sub-menu. The Windows Settings menu is also known as the Control Menu from the good old Winamp3 days.
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