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All Inspiron 8xxx users - how to use media keys.

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  • All Inspiron 8xxx users - how to use media keys.

    I couldn't get Winamp 5's global keys feature to pick up three of the four media keys on my Dell Inspiron 8200 (only play/pause would work). I tried different plugins, but none really worked well.

    Then I found this website...

    Go to the bottom of the page and download the Dll file (even though it says for Winamp2) and put it in the Winamp directory.

    And that's it - working media keys!!

    Hope this helps others.

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    thank you so much

    That solved the issue for me,
    and I'm on a inspiron 6400.

    I googled my issue and found this thread,
    thanks again m8, made my day.

    bye-bye wmp!


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      bwahaha, my winamp crashed and I had to re-install it.
      Guess what, I forgot to save this plugin, and googled to find this thread again, and all I get is "user submitted URL".

      now the twist... the un-install feat had saved the plugin (and skins) which I had moved to the trashcan, where I found it, gen_inspironbuttons.dll

      I'm so happy right now Anyway I googled for that name but couldn't find any striaght up... so if you have any trouble getting your media buttons to work with your winamp and yer on a inspiron machine, just send me an email at demmagog [at]