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  • default modern skin

    hi I have tryed everything to stop a problem I have with version 5.08e the default modern skin.

    The problem is winamp wont keep it as the default when I come to play winamp at another time, it reverts to the classic skin which is all to one side with the docking ie very messy.

    my system is windows XP service pack 2

    I have checked my computer and all seems well virus free etc, is there an answer to this please, thanks very much for your time, Fred Gibbons...

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    Do you also have troubles with other Winamp settings not being saved correctly? Regardless, try one or more of the following...
    • While Winamp is not running...
      1. Right click on the Winamp folder (usually C:\Program Files\Winamp)
      2. select Properties
      3. General tab
      4. uncheck/unselect 'Read-only' > click Apply
      5. If asked to confirm, select 'Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files' > click OK
      6. click OK

      That should remove any arbitrary read-only settings with in the Winamp folder and allow the setting files to be saved correctly. Note: Due to the way Windows treats folders, the 'Read Only' setting will appear re-enabled should you check again. This is because the read only attribute is only applied to special/system folders and is ignored in regular folders. The above procedure only affects files within the folder (and sub-folders).

      [edit > JonnyMac]
      Depending on the Winamp install the actual location of settings files may be in %AppData%\Winamp, where %appdata% is a shortcut to the 'Application Data'/'User Settings' folder. You can simply get there by typing %appdata% in to Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter or by Start button > Run icon > type %appdata% into the Open bar and press enter.

      Example, the actual/full paths to Winamp's 'Application Data'/'User Settings' folder is...

      Windows 2000 Windows XP
      C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Winamp

      Windows Vista Windows 7

    • Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins? The problem could be related to a dodgy plug-in.
    • Be sure to close Winamp before shutting down Windows or rebooting the computer. That will allow Winamp to properly save its settings.
    • No, dice? Try a full uninstall/reinstall (AKA clean install) of Winamp 5 (if using WA Pro, have reg key ready just incase) or maybe these possibly related issues from Troubleshooters Sticky > Common Issues...
    • Settings not being saved on Winamp close/restart
    • Limited Multi-User account issues (pre 5.2x versions)
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