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User.exe error Win98

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  • User.exe error Win98

    Hi there, i am running windows 98, i have downloaded winampv5.8. Since i have downloaded it winamp crashes all the time and when this occurs it causes my whole system to crash. I have to restart my computer. Is there any way i can stop this problem from happening. When winamp crashes i get this error message ' winamp caused an invalid page fault in moduel user.exe at 0006:000068c6. Any imformation will be great, ty.

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    @ bundygirl...

    You should have started your own thread instead of posting in an unrelated one, since your problem is different. So I've just split your post from the other thread and created a new thread.

    Anyway, to address your problem...

    Don't email or PM me concerning Winamp. Instead, either start a NEW TOPIC or post a REPLY in the appropriate thread in these forums. This will also benefit others who may have a similar question or problem. But before posting, please first Search the forums and read all FAQs and all Sticky threads.

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